Orange lips for this time of year? Well why not? I think they can be worn any time really, it depends on how bright the shade is. For me this is a bit of a pick-me-up shade now because I NEED some vibrant shades when the weather is so depressing and grey. Can colours have an impact on how you feel? I think so, I do believe in that but it also depends from person to person. My advice for now is to have some good colour therapy every now and then right now. Whether it’s clothes, make-up, accessories or even things on your desk! Back to make-up, have you tried the Rouge D’Armani lipsticks yet?



Rouge D’Armani lipsticks come in a black case with the Armani logo on it.One detail about the lipsticks that I really love is that they open and close with a magnetic system. You don’t have to worry about lipstick caps getting off in your handbag. The lipstick feels a bit heavy in your hand, it’s simple yet it has this luxurious touch to it which I really appreciate in Armani cosmetics, the whole line looks simple but chic. The lipstick itself had the Armani logo ingraved in it and you know I love details like that! The lipstick itself has as far as I can smell no scent at all which is a very big plus for me. Rouge D’Armani seems to come in different finishes but the coverage of this line is rather full on. Armani also carries sheerer lipsticks for the ones that are looking for something with lighter coverage. The lipsticks seem to have no name, something that I personally don’t like, I can’t memorize numbers, but there seem to be some kind of logic in their numbering.



Rouge D’Armani 401 is a medium vibrant red with very strong orange tones to it. It leans to the warm side. The finish is not matte but a bit more shinier than a satin. This shade goes on fully opaque, what you see is what you get! On my lips the orange tone in it comes out very strongly. I do recommend using a lip brush for this, this is not a lipstick that you just put on in a few seconds, it needs more than that. The texture is rather¬†interesting¬† it feels slightly sticky. I find that it feels comfortable on the lips and the colour stays on vibrant for hours. On me it does not accentuate dry patches on the lips and it does not sink into lines either. This is a shade that will suit a lot of people, especially those with a darker skin tone!



Now this lipstick was not love on first sight. The texture is rather interesting but I heard this can vary from shade to shade. It stays on very well and it’s incredibly pigmented. However, this formula is a bit tricky when you eat a meal, it starts to travel a bit. For this reason I would never wear it out when I have to go to a dinner or something. But besides that it’s a great lipstick. You do have to be a bit careful when applying this lipstick, thin layers are the key! Because otherwise this lipstick will start to feel rather sticky and it might start travelling around in your mouth corners. I do love the finish of this lipstick too, it looks absolutely perfect for this shade. This is for anyone looking for a classy orange red with amazing pigmentation!


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