I’ll be honest here, I do not care for any of the Twilight films or books. I grew up with Anne Rice, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and all that so the Twilight books were just something very odd to me, it made no sense at all. If you like Twilight though, good for you, you might be loving and appreciating the Essence Twilight Break Dawn part 2 (phew, that’s a lot of words right there!) even more than me! This collection is actually mainly about glitters and sparkles, so very¬†appropriate for the Twilight films if you ask me. This is a limited edition, I was very lucky to bump into a new shiny display, but it’s selling out like crazy!



The two nail polished that sparked my interested were the blue and the purple nail polishes loaded with shimmer. They both come in a bottle of 10 ml, are around 3 euro and look very much like the Catrice nail polish bottles. The brush of these are wide and flat, but not very flat. The two other nail polishes from this collection are a gold metallic one and a black with grey glitter.



Jacob’s Protection is a blackened blue base infused with glass flecks with colours such as blue, silver pink, purple and green. The multi coloured flecks are amazing and that’s why I fell in love with it. The dark base is almost black so the overall colour is darker than you might think. However when the light hits it, you see a stunning effect of all the little flecks. Jacob’s Protection is very opaque, if you want to go for a perfect finish you need two coats. The formula is a bit tricky in all honesty, it’s on the thick side, so be sure to not make a goopy mess like I did on my middle finger.




Alice Had a Vision-Again is a darkened purple with glass flecks. You can see colours like green, pink, purple, silver and even some light blue. It’s basically the same idea as Jacob’s Protection but with a purple base. The first layer is quite sheer but it’s all good with a second coat. The formula is a bit different, less thick and more forgiving. The finish is also a bit more glossy and the base looks like a jelly. The base is less dark too, the purple shade is stronger. Again, a gorgeous nail polish because of that gorgeous shimmer!



The look of both nail polishes is amazing, I love it when they use glass flecks as a shimmer, it’s so much prettier. The formula however is a bit tricky especially Jacob’s protection. However for 3 euros you can’t really complain too much because I would get it any way despite the formula. I would recommend a topcoat on these nail polishes because dark colours like these tend to look dirty after a while. Also they can benefit from some glossyness in my opinion. Both shades are totally amazing, it depends what you prefer as colour, but I love both!

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