I always love a good smoky eye and one of the trends this Fall is smoky eyes with a twist. The twist is using another colour instead of just black. You can use any shade you want and I love rich brwon colours for this fall so I opted for bronze. Star of the show today is the Mac eyshadow called ‘Bronze’. It’s highly pigmented and it has a red/orange undertone. Don’t worry though, we’re going to make it look good! You can use any bronze you want or even opt for a brown or whatever you want! I made a simple tutorial consisting of 5 simple steps. Hope you like it!



First step is super easy. Prime your eyelids if needed and use a gel liner or a black eye pencil and just make your eye lid black. Also use it on the lower eye part. It can be smudged, it doesn’t have to be neat. Try to soften the edges a bit, but other than that just it’s just putting black onto your eyelid.



Ok, now it’s time to apply the bronze eyeshadow. Just pat it on your eyelid and don’t be afraid to go a bit higher than your crease. Don’t forget the lower part of your eyes. After this you can blend the eyeshadow.



This part is a bit less obvious but now it’s time to slightly darken the outer edges of your eyelids. I just used a matte black. Also line your eyes with a powder for a softer look.  After that it’s best to tightline your eyes, you don’t want any white skin peeking out!This is not a look about eyeliner, so use pencil or powder!



In this step I highlighted my inner corners and I used a little bit of a rich golden eyeshadow on the middle of my eye lid. Just to highlight that area, it gives a subtle extra!



Last step is mascara! I curled them and used something for some volume. I also used some natural corner lashes to add even more volume. Optional is using a golden pencil or eye shadow in your inner corners.



As for the rest of my face I used a subtle highlighter on my cheekbones, a coral blush with a bit of shimmer and sculpting powder for the face. On the lips I used a subtle lipgloss with little shimmers in it. This look is great for a lot of skintones and especially for people with green eyes. The slightly red tones will bring out the green even more! It’s important to use a bit of black eye shadow or pencil in this look, otherwise you might end up looking tired! Hope you enjoyed this! :)


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  2. Wauw I like it !


  3. Mooi gelukt! Prachtige foto’s ook!

  4. Wauw, de fullface pictures zijn echt zo mooi om te zien! :) Je smokey eyes is ontzettend goed gelukt, lovely om te zien.

  5. love the smokey look!! you look amazing!!

  6. Echt leuk en de timing is ook zo goed want heb al opgemerkt dat ik liever een bruine smokey look draag deze herfst =]!

    • Het is heel populair inde zomer, maar persoonlijk ga ik liever voor lichtere make-up en ben hetzelfde als jij, in de herfst staat het leuker, hehe :).

  7. Ik draag heel vaak bronze smokey eyes! Het staat je echt heel mooi en prachtige foto’s :)

  8. Ik vind het heel erg mooi! Het staat je prachtig :)

  9. Lovely! It’s amazing how just the corner lashes add such oomph to the look. I should hunt for some :-)

    • I just cut my own, they don’t sell any corner lashes here and the ones that I found are more expensive than normal ones! Corner lashes are totally awesome tho!

  10. You look fabulous! This is the kind of look I try to go for on a daily basis, soft, work appropriate but still pretty!


  11. so pretty, Teri! :)
    this makeup look goes perfectly nicely with your hair color as well not just with the season!

    • Thanks Lena! Yeah I kinda wear everything anytime, altho I do tend to go for slightly darker shades when it’s fall and winter!

  12. very beautiful! you are applying fals lashes like a pro, I am jealous, I wish my skills would be better (it takes me ages to apply them and then I am not satisfied at all, lol).

    • Well, it’s just corner lashes, they are so much easier to apply! Have you ever tried just corner lashes? And uhm Claire, don’t worry, it took me at least three years to ‘master’ it, haha ;).

  13. Pretty! :D Staat je echt zo goed zeg, ik ga hem sowieso een keertje namaken, die wordt alleen waarschijnlijk minder mooi dan bij jou haha. :’)

  14. Heeeeeeeey, sexy lady! ;-) Seriously, you look great, I love this look. Soft yet sexy.

  15. Bronze staat je heel goed ! Duidelijke tutorial ook :-)

  16. very beautiful! I really love this colour on you :)

  17. Absolutely beautiful–this is the kind of simple yet sexy look I go for everyday, but of course yours looks a million times better :P I’m also still trying to get the hang of making my own accent lashes like you. Yours look incredible–very natural and fluttery. Mine always look too long and unnatural :/

    • Aaaaw thanks Becca! I’m sure yours look as good tho! Did you tried using the shortest side of the lashes? Because the longest part of the lashes is long idd!

  18. Very nice! Staat je erg goed en het is ook mooi gedaan!

  19. past fantastisch bij je haarkleur :D

  20. Pretty! Bronze is for some reason a difficult color for me to wear, so I need to try this :)

    • Well it depends on what kinda of bronze, right? Bad to the Bronze from Maybelline is great on you, I’m sure you can pull this kinda bronze off too tho!

  21. Wat een super mooie look! Hij staat ook heel erg goed bij de vorm van je ogen. :D Ik zelf heb er soms nog wel eens problemen mee, wat het mooiste bij mijn ogen staat, omdat ze zo hangen en ik niet zoveel ‘ruimte’ heb!

    • Oh ja, dat herken ik heel erg hoor Samantha! Ik ontdek nog steeds nieuwe dingen over de vorm van mijn ogen of gezicht, dus het is normaal dat het zoeken is ;). Maar je ziet er altijd mooi en leuk uit hoor!

  22. Heeeeel erg mooi! De look staat je super en de foto`s zijn echt prachtig Teri!

    • Oh dank je Emma! Ik had een ‘goede’ foto dag toen, ken je dat? Soms lukken de fotos dan meer dan normaal, haha ;).

  23. staat je echt super die brons tint :D

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