And here I am again with some pretty metallic nail polishes! I know it’s not for everyone, but I can’t get enough of it. Rimmel recently release the Kate Moss Velvet lipsticks in the Lasting Finish formula. Along with those, Rimmel also released a little nail polish collection ‘Metal Rush’. It seems we only get two shades, but the UK seems to get two more shades. What I like is the duo chrome effect (anything duo chrome is mine!) and it’s a widely available brand here, so it’s really nice to see a brand like Rimmel come out with these!



The nail polishes come in a bottle that is exactly the same as the Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish bottles. They are round and a bit smaller and contain 8 ml of product. The price of these are 6.99 euro. The brush is wide and flat, but it’s a bit thicker than let’s say the L’oreal Color Riche nail polishes. The Metal Rush polishes are not a part of the permanent collection as far as I can see and they don’t seem to take part of any of the existing lines. Nevertheless, they are a great addition to my collection and maybe yours!



Gold Save The Queen is a bronze with brown tones. It shifts to a gorgeous gold and even a green. The finish is metallic, but it’s not an overly strong metallic finish. The nail polish also has a lot of very fine shimmers in red, yellow, green, silver, gold and orange. The duo chrome aspect is a bit more subtle with this shade but it’s still gorgeous because it looks like a very interesting colour. It’s a great shade for Autumn because it has browns, gold, greens and bronze in it. The formula itself was great, the first layer was a bit sheer, but it’s great in two layers, something I didn’t expect from a lighter shade like this. I also layered it onto a dark colour and it brings out the green. A great shade if you ask me and I’m usually very wary of anything brown.



Royal Blue is a blue turquoise shade with purple. This nail polish has a stronger duo chrome effect. I’m not sure why they called it Royal Blue, because to me it’s not a royal blue at all. It’s a gorgeous shade though, I love the combination of the turquoise and the purple, it goes amazingly well together.  The colour shift is beautiful, you see darker blue, paler blue, turquoise, some kind of pale lilac and a gorgeous purple. The formula on this one was sheer though. You relaly do need three layers to make it opaque or use a dark base coat. If you use it on it’s own, you get a softer and a lighter shade and when it’s used over a dark base coat the colour becomes more intense and stronger. I like both, it’s different. The metallic finish is stronger in Royal Blue, you can see a bit of brush strokes. On the pictures it looks stronger but in real life it’s more subtle.



I wasn’t too sure about Gold Save the Queen, but I actually really love it. It’s a very very tricky colour to photograph though, I can’t do it any justice, but it’s a gorgeous warm golden bronze. I expected to love Royal Blue and yes I totally love it, but I do wish that it was more opaque. Both nail polishes seem to be really great in quality (like most Rimmel nail polishes on me) so I’m really going to enjoy these two!



I’m going to take it a bit easier on the nail polish reviews now, because one of my nails broke halfway on the nail. It didn’t broke all the way through but it’s painful and I’m trying to not let it break even more because it means I only have half of my nail, which is a nightmare. So they are having a little holiday right now! I hope they will grow out soon, but in the meantime it means more of the other stuff!


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  1. I bought the royal blue one today, just about to test it out! Although I’m already thinking of going and buying maybe another 2, there is 4 colours in my local pharmacy on display in Australia :)

  2. I am wearing the purple reign at the moment. I like the darker shades, like plum and dark blue. I love the finish you achieved, mine is a little less smooth. I will try to rectify this with a top coat. You asked about any ideas for a good base coat, and I would recommend OPI Nail envy. I used to be a biter, and tried to break the habit by wearing falsies, with the intention of allowing the nail to grow and then hoping my achievement would stop me from nibbling. But i then found my new nails were soft and would break easily. Housework was the main culprit. I use the matte version as a basecoat, as well as feeding my nails it stops the dark colours from staining my nails. I use the Original version as a top coat as its shiny, and i also use the original version when i go colourless, for a natural look sometimes just white-tipping. Nail Envy is not cheap but so worth the money when you see the results. try it for a month to see for yourself. I get mine from QVC.

  3. Ik heb Royal Blue ook! Toen ik hem zag kon ik hem echt niet laten liggen, echt zó mooi. Gold save the queen vond ik ook mooi, maar wat minder apart. Wel jammer dat ze een beetje streperig zijn :(

  4. I love your photos babe and hot nails!

    • Thanks Roseanna! My middle nail broke off tho :(. I’m now waiting for it to grow back and it seems to take aaages!

  5. Mooie aparte lakjes! I like it :)

  6. Die onderste is echt WAY mooi! <3

  7. Echt mooi die twee nagellakjes, ik zou niet kunnen kiezen =]! Wat ontzettend jammer dat je nagel brak en ze zijn nog wel zo heerlijk lang op deze foto’s.

    • Ik heb er gewoon over heen gelkat, maar na de foto sessie zag je de scheur erdoor komen :(. Ik kon ook niet kiezen, dus heb maar beide gekocht en ik had geluk want er was korting op :D!

  8. I think Royal Blue is gorgeous–it reminds me of a peacock :) I haven’t tried Rimmel polishes in a long time, but I do remember liking the formula, so I’ll have to go check some out this weekend!

    • Yes! It reminds of a bit of a peacock too, but I was keeping that to myself, thought ppl would think I’m seeing things. Glad you’re on the same page :p.

  9. These are so pretty and unusual. I am a fan of metallic polishes and think they look great on.

  10. Lovely nailpolishes, een beetje aparte kleuren!

  11. Mooie kleurtjes allebei!

  12. royal blue vind ik wel erg pretty :D

  13. Love both of them! The brush looks like the the type I enjoy too :)

    So sorry to hear about your nail. I hope it’ll grow back soon!

  14. I love the Royal Blue one!
    The turquoise and purple are looking really good together.

  15. I like them both, but Royal Blue is my favorite :-)

    P.S.: Take care of those nails, sounds painful :-(

    • Thanks hun! I’m going on the hunt for a better basecoat so they protect my nails better. If you have any suggestions? ;)

  16. ik zie niet graag metallic nagellak, maar de blauwe vind ik het mooist :)

  17. Erg mooie lakjes! En wat heb jij toch prachtige nagels!!

    • Dank je Lisa! Ze zijn nu wel wat in een gehavende staat door continue mijn nagels te lakken. Niet aan te raden :p.

  18. Ik vind ze beide echt heel erg leuk, maar de bovenste net iets mooier denk ik ! Echt top!

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