I’m sure there is no need to introduce these cute and awesome lipsticks. I think they are one of the most popular products from Revlon. It’s such a shame that they don’t sell the whole range of Revlon here in Belgium because they are one of my favourite cheaper brands. The packaging is pretty and the quality is great too! You can find Revlon in Inno stores and Planet Parfum. Next on the list from Revlon is some nail polishes for me (yeah like I don’t already have enough!).



Revlon lip butters come in a cute quilted plastic case and they are in the colour that they carry (which is super convenient!). The tip is slanted and is great for easy applying. They contain 2.55 gram of product and go for 10.5o euro. They have a very faint smell of┬ávanilla┬ábut you can’t really smell it once on the lips. Revlon brought out just a part of the Colorburst Lip Butter line here. Lip Butters are supposed to be sheer and shiny and buttery. Some of the shades contain glitter while others don’t.



Candy Apple is a medium orange toned red without any shimmers or glitters. It’s slightly on the warmer side because of the orange. It goes on even and really well pigmented without being full on pigmented. The finish is shiny. Depending on your skin tone it can look more red or orange. I love this shade because it’s very wearable. The shade is not too dark so you can wear it with a bit of a heavier eye look without looking like a hot mess. The name is actually really well chosen, it really is a apple red and it reminds me of autumn. That’s why I love it so much now!



Tup it’s another winner for me. These Lip Butters are easy to apply, they feel so good on the lips and they are really well pigmented for being sheer lip colours. The only downside is the wear time, it’s because of the slip. Luckily these lipsticks don’t require a lot of precision to apply. Candy Apple is a big hit for me, it’s an unique shade in my collection strangely enough.



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  1. This is my favorite color from the colorburst collection :) Love your pretty blog!

  2. oh, that shade is pretty on you! thanks for reminding me to use my revlon lip butters! :)

  3. Prachtig, ik heb zelf er ook twee en ik gebruik ze zeer regelmatig

  4. Mooie kleur, staat je goed!

  5. Look how cute you are when you smile!

  6. great warm red color on you.
    very pretty! the color is quite vivid but somewhat sheer which makes it very wearable.i like that there is no shimmer. ;)

    • Oh yeah , the fact that it’s shimmerless is great! I have lollipop and that one has a bit of a shimmer, but it’s great too :)

  7. Ik vind de verpakking altijd zo lovely van Revlon, een beetje poppig, net zoals de kleur. Heel cute om te zien. :) Je look is trouwens ook stunning.

  8. Mooi, ziet er lief uit! Moet een beetje denken aan de popsticks van deze zomer, ook zo’n waterig glansje.

    • Ze zijn wel heel erg anders qua gevoel en pigmentatie :). De popsticks ruiken wel heel goed moet ik toegeven ;).

  9. Die kleur staat je prachtig!

  10. Mooie foto’s! Vooral die laatste!

  11. I have a few of these lying around unopened. I REALLY need to get around to swatching and photographing them. I’m slacking. LOL!

    • Oh but I have that too, you get so many stuff and sometimes you tend to forget about some, haha!They are really nice!

  12. Die kleur is echt geweldig! Staat je ook goed ;D

  13. De kleur staat je echt goed! En de laatste foto is heel mooi ^^

  14. Love the smile :D mooie vlecht btw

  15. This gets my stamp of approval, looks great! :-)

  16. Mooie kleur, staat je echt prachtig. Ik denk dat de textuur wel iets voor mij is want ik hou niet zo van de klassieke lipstick.

  17. Wow, wat een prachtige kleur!

  18. Die kleur is echt prachtig en staat je ook goed :)

  19. Pretty! It might look more orange on my skin tone I think ;)

  20. Oe, weer zulke mooie foto’s hihi. Candy apple is mooi zeg ^^

  21. Beautiful colour, Looks lovely on you!

  22. Looks gorgeous on you !

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