My Make Up Sins



It’s confession time again! Let’s talk make up and bad habits, mistakes and sins because I’m sure we’re not all little angels all the time! I know I’m not, although I do the best I can, but there are days that laziness,  little time and other things take over.

Now let’s go back in time to little me, the time before I hit 17. I was a walking disaster when it came to beauty. My mother never taught  me and my sister how to do skincare and make up the proper way because she didn’t use it herself. We had to figure it out ourself and boy that was surely a path full of errors, haha! These are some of the beauty crimes I comitted, let’s all cringe together!

  • First crime is a very big one: I rarely used sunscreen! The horror because we used to live in places like Asia and Africa, so you really want some protection. My mother just never realised the importance of sunscreen! So please, if you have kids, give them some kind of sun protection!
  • Using skincare was absolutely something unknown to me. Imagine the struggle I had when I hit the awkward teens with an overload on pimples and acne. I had zero knowledge of skincare, had to figure it out myself which resulted to horrific purchases like Clearasil (that stuff made it even worse) and products that made me oilier than a frying pan!
  • Ok, we’re entering the age of 13 now. I suddenly got obsessed with having a tan. So there I went, baking in the sun like a little sausage and all of that without any sunscreen! Luckily it never hit the Oompa Loompa stage, but still, not a good idea to sit in the sun without any sun filters!
  • Still growing up and now I’m entering the age of 16 and discovering the wonderful world of make-up. And BAM, suddenly an overload on glittery (!) bronzer on my face. Yup, I thought I was channelling my inner Greek Goddess, but I looked like a bimbo instead, lol.
  • I suddenly became aware of my brows, and I think this is a phase that a lot of girls and/or women go through: the overtweezed brow! Yep, I had two little thin stripes that served me as brows and I thought it was a good look!
  • I started to go out when I was 17, so hey better look pretty so let’s pile on some glitter! And then some more and hey why not put it all over mah face! That must look sexy!
  • And for unknown reason I thought it would look even better with the palest pink lipstick! Thankfully there were not a lot of pictures of that period, haha!

I came to my senses when I hit 18, took a good look at myself and decided to go easy on the make-up, wear sunscreen and do some research on skincare. In the mean time I watched my little sister doing all those mistakes too while she hit her teens. I’m sure you can guess that she didn’t really appreciate my wise advice because she went all wild with the whole make up thing. Now we look back and have a good laugh, haha!

So How am I nowadays? Well I’m not perfect ofcourse, but I did manage to correct most of the mistakes I made and I learned that prevention is the key to good skin and moderation is not a bad thing when it comes to make-up! Still, these are some of the things that I’m (sometimes) guilty of:

  • I still haven’t learned to use a base coat on my nails. My nails always have been strong, but since I started beauty blogging I obviously wear a lot of different nail polishes to test out. My nails are stained and are becoming weaker. However, I’m in the process of getting one (my nail started breaking halfway, so I learned the hard way) so if you know a good one, I’m all ears!
  • This is very rare, but on times when I get home very late, being very tired or ill I go to sleep with my make-up on! This is one of my worst sins, it’s not good at all and thankfully it only happens once a year. Don’t try this at home!
  • A very bad and annoying habit of mine is picking my skin. I don’t always do that, but when I’m stressed I feel the need to pick my skin. I kinda start to scratch my skin because for very weird reason it calms me down (yeah, sounds very vague, lol). 
  • And something I don’t do on purpose but very often forget to do is applying sunscreen on my hands. I apply it on my neck and my arms (when it’s warm obviously) besides my face but I tend to overlook my poor hands. I still need to work on that!

And that’s it! I’m still working on those bad habits, but I think it’s not that horrible, especially compared to my early years, lol. So enough about me today, it’s time to spill the juice! Confess! What’s your sin, your crime, your mistakes? I won’t tell! :p


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