We all have our little flaws, it’s completely normal and in my opinion it adds to the appearance . But it’s ok to correct them with a little bit of make-up, nothing wrong with that! The most important aspect of make-up is understanding your face and how to work with that.It’s all about balancing things out and there is a certain logic to it (which is not always easy to see). Today I’m showing you how I correct my eye shape. Now ‘correct’ is a big word because I actually did it without really thinking it through in the past, but you know how some things seems to work better with your face? And you kind of stick to that because it looks ‘right’? Now I know there are lots and lots of different eye shapes, but since there is a certain logic to this I hope you’ll like it anyway ;).



So let’s start analysing my eye shape. First of all, my eyes look quite close to each other. Because of the studio lightning (curse you!) it looks not that apparent, but in real life my eyes look quite close set. So I always adjust my eye make-up on that because I don’t want to make it look even more closer to each other.



Second of all, my eyes on the upper part go very straight down (this sounds more dramatic than it is, lol). But they look a bit ‘droopy’. It’s actually hard to show on photo, but trust me, the line goes down. That’s why eye liner is my best friend, if I don’t use it, it tends to look a bit ‘off’. Now before anyone goes ‘aaaw Teri, your eyes are totally fine’, it’s ok, I want to help people with this, I don’t mind my flaws at all. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being you! So let me show you what I do to flatter my eyes in the best way!



So this is just the basics, you can use any shade you want, it’s about the idea behind it. To prevent my eyes looking even more closer to each other I always use a lighter and a darker eyeshadow on my eyelid. You can use more, but I always use at least two shades. Here I used a medium brown all over the lid and a darker shade in the outer corners of the eye lid. You want to create some space here, so the accent is on the outer corners of your eyes, not the inner!



After applying the eye shadows I focus on the eye liner. You don’t need eye liner, a dark eyeshadow or pencil is good too. What we want is to create a bit of an illision of a thicker outer corner lash line. So when you line your eyes, it’s really important for this kind of eye shape to keep it thin until the middle of the eye. After that you can thicken it up so you correct the ‘droopy’ eye line.



Now the end of the eye liner is really important. Basically you have to extend the line of your lower lash line and go from there. If I don’t do this, my eyes look a bit like droopy puppy eyes, lol. It actually accentuates the droopyness. Also another important detail is to not go too low with the eye liner, again it will make your eyes look more droopy, we want to lift it all up! As for the lower lash line, don’t line all the way, your eyes will look close set, so line half way or a bit further. As for the inner corners of your eyes, highlight them and let them shine! It gives a very fresh look and you will appear more wide eyed.



Last step is lashes. I always curl them and apply mascara. If you are going for falsies, try to go for an accent lash or lashes with the accent on the outer corners. This will all add to the wider eyed look.



And that’s it, not that hard right? We didn’t have to use any higher science for this, just a bit of logic. The eyes look more balanced just using these few guide lines. You can mix it up a bit with some other shades and all that, just experiment! Now I’m not saying that this is the only way to do your eyes when you have eyes like me, it’s one of the options and it’s easy. I like to play around too, ‘break’ the rules a bit and do whatever I feel like doing, but I do find that this is one of the simple ways to do my eye make-up.



I really hope you liked it, I might do one for the face shape as well, or maybe another type of eye if I can snatch myself a willing volunteer (looks at boyfriend)!




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  1. Hi Teri, I have to tell you I’ve been trying this over the last couple of days and it’s amazing how much of a difference it’s made. Thanks so much for the tips!

  2. Due to a firing incident vision and shato retina detachment surger,,,my right eye become smaller than usual and in variy in shape of eye I am waiting for ur advice

    • That is so dependable on your eyes. Try to work it out with eyeliner and play with dark and light shades. Good luck!

  3. I have a similar eye shape to yours and I’m going to try the eyeliner trick – thank you so much for it! I think it might really help me out.

  4. thanks for sharing! I have droopy eyes and benefit eye bright really helps me… I think i saw it in a lisa eldridge video once! :) Anyway, I never really think about correcting my eye shape anymore, as my boyfriend doesn’t prefer if i change the look of my eyes! (It is sweet, and also challenging me to learn different eye techniques!)

  5. Looks beautiful, sometimes I get it even worse like triple eyelid on one and single on the other and i find eyeshadow really helps :)

    x roseannetangrs.com

  6. What an amazing post! I love it (: And your eyes are beautiful ^^ Make-up enhances the beauty that is already within <3

  7. I love this post! I have round eyes, so I like to wing out my liner to elongate them. I think false lashes make a lot of difference. If only I’m not so lazy….

  8. I love this look–it’s natural and subtle but pretty and flirty. I like to wear this kind of look everyday. The only thing missing from my look is the accent lashes–I bought some new ones to cut and practice with this weekend! :D

  9. Goede tips! De meeste pas ik zelf ook toe, alleen heb ik niet de moed of skills om dagelijks met valse wimpers te gaan knoeien.. Ik heb zelf hangende oogleden en kam mijn wenkbrauwen altijd omhoog, je ogen worden dan optisch nog meer gelift :)

    • Oh goede tip idd! Dank je, dat doe ik ook soms hoewel ik niet heel erg gebogen wenkbrauwen heb. Valse wimpers zijn best te doen als je genoeg oefent! ;)

  10. Dat zoiets simpels zo’n wereld van verschil kan maken! Daarom vind ik make-up zo geweldig :)

  11. Een super goed artikel met nuttige tips!

  12. Wauw, je doet het ontzettend goed. Je ziet echt verschil qua openheid in je ogen. Je blik wordt ineens vergroot, daarnaast vind ik de look die je hebt gemaakt gewoon echt schitterend. Zo simpel en neutraal, maar ontzettend classy.

    • Bedankt! Het heeft me een tijdje gekost om echt er bewust van te zijn, ervoor deed ik maar wat, ook leuk hoor! Maar dit werkt idd heel goed!

  13. Wat een goeie techniek en het werkt echt, het verschil met de eerste en laatste foto is best groot en dat allemaal met een paar veranderingen!

    • Wat een beetje make-up kan doen hé :). Daarom vind ik het zo leuk. Zo’n make-overs kijken vind ik stiekem ook heel leuk (goed of gefaald :p)

  14. This is a really interesting post, thank you so much! I would love to see what you do on other people too.

    I’m happy with my eye shape, so I guess I don’t feel like I need to correct anything, but I definitely adjust my makeup technique to suit it – I have hooded lids, so darker colors in the crease tend to look muddy on me. I do best with a wash of color or a gradient from dark to light.

    • I’m not a mua but I do love playing with make-up on others so I’ll be happy to do it!Oh and yeah I can imagine the crease problem with hooded lids, it’s so different!

  15. I love your analysis, and how you’re not afraid to point out your “flaws”. I put that between brackets because there’s really nothing wrong with your eyes, but you can always make what’s already okay look even better of course :-)

    • Ofcrouse!I think it’s important to be realistic about yourself altho I have to admit that I fail to see the good parts sometimes, lol. I think it’s a woman thing :p.

  16. Very nice article! you should do more of this. btw, Somehow you always remind me of Summer Glau :)

  17. Heel interessant, en goed uitgelegd! Mijn oogleden zijn ook een beetje droopy, dus eyeliner is ook mijn beste vriend :)

  18. Interesting! Actually it doesn’t seem like you do anything differently, though our eye shapes are very different. I can use one shade on my eyes as long as my inner corners are highlighted though.

    And don’t torture poor Peter :p

  19. Leuk! Ik doe het ongeveer op dezelfde manier, heb ook aziatische ogen. Ik laat ze altijd optisch wat groter lijken :D

  20. Oh, heel interessant, mooi gedaan !

  21. shapen vind ik heel interessant! je mag zeker nog zo’n artikel maken :D

  22. Ik heb niet zoveel verstand van shapen, maar dit werkt inderdaad wel goed. Ziet er mooi uit! :-)

    • Het is eigenlijk vrij logisch en ik denk dat iedereen het al onbewsut een beetje doet ;). Eigenlijk is het best leuk!

  23. Zonder ben je ook erg mooi, maar eyeliner en oogschaduw kun je inderdaad erg goed mee shapen! Duidelijke tutorial :) En ja, make a faceshape! ^^

  24. :D I do this also with the eyeliner :D

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