I suddenly realised that I didn’t do an foundation review in ages! My skin is very picky when it comes to foundations, so it’s quite the challenge sometimes. I was so happy when I got the newest Armani foundation. It seems a big hit in the blogger community and Armani cosmetics are from great quality. If you didn’t tried the brand before, I absolutely recommend the Eyes To Kill eye shadows! They are amazing when it comes to wear time, pigmentation and mostly of all, the shades. Trying an Armani foundation is a first so let’s see how it went.




The newest Maestro Fusion Make Up is not to be seen as a foundation, it’s supposed to make your complexion perfect in an innovative way. It will add luminosity to the skin and it looks and feels like skin without having the feeling that you are wearing foundation. An interesting thing about this foundation is that it contains very fine oil pigments. It will create a very thin film of pigments on the skin to keep it light and invisible while making your skin look amazing! So let’s take a look at the facts. First of all I love the packaging, it’s in a mat bottle, simple but chic. The nice thing is the dispenser, it comes with a droplet which makes dosing so much easier! The Maestro make up contains 30 ml and goes for 61 euro. Now I’m not going to lie, that’s a lot of money, but remember, invest in a good base! If the base is not good, the rest of the make up will not get any better!


blended a bit out

The Maestro make up comes in 12 shades ranging from light to rather dark, which is a big plus. The make up contains SPF 15 and it has a chemical filter. I got my bottle in the shade 5,5 which is a really good match. When it comes to shade selection they seem to provide for neutral toned skins, cooler and warmer toned skins, so that’s good news! The way to use it is to shake the bottle first. Put three drops of product in your hands and apply it on the face. The consistency is rather liquid without being too runny. The texture is incredibly silky and soft. It’s very easy to blend into the skin. They were right about the use, it’s easy, it requires not a lot of work and it does look natural on the skin. I’d say that it looks rather mat on my skin, but in a good way, so I was really pleased with that.


The foundation looks good at the beginning on me, but it does tend to look more apparant by the end of the day. I do think it’s a great foundation, but if you have oily skin like me you might want to try a sample first. Give the t-zone a good dusting of powder and it will be fine though. The coverage of the foundation is rather sheer but you can build it up. It evens out my skin tone, but like it says, it does look like your skin, so the look is very natural.

Okay so if we take a look at the face pictures you can see (or I hope you can see it) that my skin tone looks more even on the right side. The left side is without the make up and there you can see the spots more clearly.I think there is no doubt about it, this is a very skin-like finish. The shade matches my skin perfectly too, don’t you think?


left is without foundation, right with foundation. as you can see the skin looks more even toned but very natural!

So this sounds like a great foundation, but there is just one big issue for me and that the alcohol denat. Please be a bit wary of this. What really helps though is applying a primer and that’s what I always do to solve the problem. It helps smoothing things out, it protects and it helps with the wear time! So to sum it up, I like the idea of this not being a foundation but a skin perfecter, the idea behind it sounds more positive, don’t you think? I also love that it looks so skin like. This is suited for a lot of skin types but oily skinned people, do use some powder to set it! The packaging is big love, it’s easy to use. Sensitive skins be aware of the alcohol, please use a primer!



Don’t know where to get Armani cosmetics? It’s easy! Parfuma sells it online, so you can just order it while sitting in your comfy chair! They also sell Tom Ford lipsticks and soon they will have a Bobbi Brown counter too!!! Also, they have an impressive selection of fragrances, so if you ever go to Antwerp or Wijnegem, just drop by and take a look!

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  2. I actually didn’t like this foundation at all.. I found that it sat in the pores and I have to really blend it out to got the desired results.. I used it with and without a primer and still same issue.. Ill keep trying but I don’t think this will be a favourite..

    It looks lovely on u though..

    • Aaaw, so sad to hear that! But yeah picking a good foundation that works with your skin is not always easy. What application method did you use? And did you give it a good shake?

  3. Ziet er goed uit ! Blij te horen dat Parfuma binnenkort een BB counter zal hebben ! Hoera !

  4. it looks so good on you! :) yayyy. i was afraid that shade would be too pink toned but it doesn’t appear to be!

    • Yeah it does lean a bit pink right? But that’s the beauty of this product, it blends like a dream and adapts like no other!:)

  5. Het klinkt als een erg goede foundatio! Hij ziet er zo mooi uit op je huid :o

  6. I like it!! It looks really nice on you ;-)

  7. Zo prachtig resultaat, echt als een tweede huid, maar dan nog levendiger!

  8. oh this goes on my wish list. honestly, i feel bad buying any more foundation at this point not too mention this is pricey, but i’ve been seeing lots of raves about this lately. i get curious! :)
    the finish on you is amazing. light and near perfect. ;)

    • Yeah I think it’s because it looks so good on the skin. It’s like a layer of good skin you know? And we all want that :p

  9. This one honestly just blends into your skin and disappears! Wonder if I should get the concealer next :)

  10. It looks great on you – a perfect match for sure! I am really enjoying mine as well.

  11. It does look beautiful on you but it wouldn’t be my kind of product, I think.
    Too bad the price is so high as well.

    • Yeah, it’s Armani, you do pay for the packaging as well and I must say they are amazing when it comes to that, it’s quite simple but it still gives that luxurious feel :).

  12. Die verpakking.. Wat handig, wat mooi! Leuk :D
    Je ziet inderdaad dat je rechterkant net wat egaler is, staat heel mooi!

  13. Looks so luxureous… :-) And I really like how it looks on you, you look absolutely picture perfect.

  14. niet echt iets voor mij denk ik :)

  15. I’ve been reading so much about this and I’m very curious. However, this brand is not available in my country and I’m quite picky about foundations. I never buy foundations without testing it, and given this price tag…whoa! Looks great on you though. I agree it matches your skin tone very well :-)

    • Yeah testing is a must, especially with matching the right shade! I must say that it’s great at blending in though. So sad that they don’t sell the range at your country because it’s an amazing brand!

  16. This looks beautiful on you!!! I am hoping I’ll have time to drop by the mall and pick this up tomorrow–we’ll see! The closest shade match for me in GA foundations is 5.5 too and while I think it’s a little too peachy, I’ve heard the Maestro foundation is really good at adapting to different skin tones, so I’m hoping and praying that it will work for me cuz it looks amazing!!

    • It’s slightly peachy idd, but I find that this foundation is very forgiving and amazing when it comes to adapting to your skin tone! I’m really curious how you will like this one!

  17. Ziet er heel natuurlijk uit :-)

  18. Ziet er erg mooi en natuurlijk uit!

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