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Marilyn Monroe is all about the old Hollywood glamour. Even now she is still quite a big icon and I was quite exited when I heard about the Mac Marilyn Monroe collection. This collection is all about recreating her look. If you ask me, they did a good job with picking out make-up products that reflects her style. No Marilyn Monroe collection is complete without lipstick. You have cool, neutral, warm tone reds and even a nude lipstick. So if you are looking for a pretty red lipstick, now is the time to run to the Mac store!



The Marilyn Monroe collection all have the image of Marilyn herself on the packaging. The Mac lipsticks usually have a mat black appearance but now it’s glossy black with Marilyn’s name and image. Mac packaging is always simple and straight to the point which I like, but the only issue with it for me is that you can’t see what colour you have when you just look at the lipstick. This results in digging through a bunch of lipsticks who are all looking the same. Mac lipsticks contain 3 gram of product and this lipstick goes for 19.50 euro because it’s a limited edition. The lipsticks have a slight vanilla scent.



Scarlet Ibis is a medium red with very strong orange undertones in it. It’s not overly warm, I’d say it’s rather neutral, depending on your skin tone. The finish is matte. Scarlet Ibis is very well pigmented, the coverage is amazing. Because of the matte finish the formula feels slightly drier than a creamy formula, but it’s not drying. It does tend to enhance the dry patches on your lips a bit, but it’s not that bad. It does not travel or move on the lips. I do find the matte formula¬†surprisingly¬†comfortable on the lips, it’s still creamy enough.



Scarlet Ibis might look a bit scary, but it’s a gorgeous shade. This shade is unique in my collection because I just started to discover orange red lipsticks. These shades work for a big variety of skin tones because they are not overly warm or cool and the medium colour works really great on lots of people. The staying power is really good too, it stays for at least 7 hours on me and I love that it stays put when I eat and/or drink. It’s probably because of the matte finish, but it stays on like glue (without the sticky feeling!). Scarlet Ibis is a repromote, so if you missed out on this, don’t worry, it will probably be repromoted again in the future. ¬†Matte lip colours are big this season, you have plenty of choice and I really love mattes! It was fun to channel my inner Marilyn Monroe girl, I think a lot of girls and women agree with me when I say it’s fun to get all dolled up and pretty every now and then!


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