The Bourjois trios are little hidden gems in my opinion. I have no idea if they are popular or not but they are really good. What I love about them is that it’s pretty fool proof to use, and they mostly are from good quality too. I’m more of a palette girl myself, I tend to forget about all my monos, duos, trios and quads mainly because they are in shades that I have in my palettes. That’s why only buy them when they are interesting and different enough. The Bourjois trios come in three shades that mainly consist of a light, medium and dark colour. They really go well together and I personally prefer them over quads because I simply have not enough lid space to use 4 shades.



The Bourjois Smoky Trios come in a round plastic little palette. They contain 3 shades in a round shape. The packaging is in the colour that it contains, something very convenient. It also has a little dual sided sponge applicator. On the back of the palette you see a little guide on how it can be used. The trio contains 4.8 gram of eyeshadow and goes for around 12 euro which is really reasonable for a brand like Bourjois. The Smoky Trios come in 12 different shades varying from blue, grey, green, purple, any colour really! I do have to say that some do suffer from poorer pigmentation, so do try to swatch them before you buy. But overall they are a really good deal.



Vert Jungle has three green shades. The lightest is an golden olive with a golden pearl. It’s definitely not close to Mac Sumptuous Olive. The Bourjois shade is a lot lighter and more golden toned. The medium green is a neutral toned green. It looks almost like a grassy green but more muted and it also has gorgeous warm golden pearl in it. The darkest shade is a neutral toned dark mossy green with a bronze pearl. All shades are not overly glittery, the pearl adds a beautiful golden tone to it without being too much. I also love that the colours are rather neutral, so it makes it very wearable for people. The pigmentation is good, it’s not Urban Decay, but it’s still great.



This trio is my new favourite Autumn palette. The colours are what you get in the pan, they stay true to colour on the eyes, they work really well with each other, there is no fall out and the colours are amazing. I always use an eye primer underneath my eye shadows and they performed great with a primer. What I really love about this trio is that the three shades are colours that I don’t own yet. The golden pearl in these makes it outstanding and amazing. The way I used it was like this: I applied the medium green all over the eyelid, the dark green in the outer corners of my eyes and the lightest shade in the middle. You can use it in a lot of other ways, it depends on your eye shape. Bottom line: this is amazing!


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