This tag is rather popular, I guess people are just really nosy, lol! When I was a kid I was super nosy, I had to go through everyone’s stuff (ok, not random strangers ofcourse) because I needed to know for some vague reason. So I decided to share my content of my make-up bag with you today. I have a lot of make-up bags, but my favourite one is the one my sister gave me because it’s big enough to carry all the make-up I like. It’s actually mostly my everyday make-up, the make-up I really trust and know that it works for me. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to the basics like eye liner, powder and eye primers, mascaras, I just tend to stick with the ones I really really love. Let’s get on with it!



Let’s start with the basics, I always use a sunscreen on a daily basis, I tend to use enw stuff, but recently I’m liking the Paula’s Choice Non Greasy Sunscreen because it’s really non greasy on me. As for lips, I suffer from dry lips, so I use the Nuxe lipbalm every night before going to sleep. I always wake up with really soft lips. I’m not big on foundations, I really dislike them actually. Instead I use a tinted moisturiser or concealer. I just discovered the greatness of concealer and I can’t live without it now! My favourite one is the Mac Pro Longwear concealer because it stays on a whole day and it looks very much like skin.



After that I powder my face with the Chanel loose powder, I know you have seen this a lot on the blog, but I love it that much! An eyelash curler is something I use every time I do make-up because without it it just looks very ‘meh’. My absolute favourite contour product is the Mac sculpting powder, I hit pan on it big time, and it lasts ages on you!



Ok I realised that I forgot to include my Shiseido lash primer, but if you know this blog you probably know that product as well. Call me crazy but I use two separate mascaras. Max Factor mascaras are always my favourite because they are long lasting and have the perfect formula. My mascara routine is like this: I use lash primer first on my upper and lower lashes. Then I use the False Lash Effect on my upper lashes because it gives great volume. On my lower lashes I use the Lash Extension Effect. Why? Because the brush of the False Lash Effect is too big for my puny little lower lashes, I just get smears everywhere. The other mascara however has the perfect brush for my lashes. Sounds like a lot of effort, but for me it’s just a routine, lol. I also use a transparent brow gel, now it’s the one from Gosh, and it’s really good!



I used to be a gel liner girl, until I discovered my favourite eye liner: the Dolly Wink eye liner. It’s a lot faster and you don’t need to wash brushes. It also stays better on me than gel liner, although I still love both! As for my favourite eye shadow: Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze, I don’t use it every time obviously, but it’s my go to eye shadow when I’m in a hurry. Because of my oily eye lids I can’t live without eye primers, it changed my life! My favourite ones are the Too Faced and the Urban Decay ones, they both work as good on me.



Excuse me for the mess around the eye shadows, but these two shades are my favourite and most used eye shadows. Mac Naked Luch (the upper shade) is my favourite highlight shade. It’s not too frosty and it gives the right amount of colour on me. The lower shade is Mac Concrete, I use it for my brows because it’s not too ashy and not too warm. Both of them are very close to hitting pan, I use them that much!

And that’s what’s in my make up bag! I alternate between a lot of eye shadows and a lot of lip products and blushes, but other than that I use these products as the base. What are your make up bag essentials?


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