Fall has officially started and I’m already having a huge wishlist for the new season. Things I love about Fall are the rich shades and the bolder colours. You can wear any shade you want ofcourse, but Fall is the perfect setting for these kind of shades for me. When I saw the OPI Germany collection I knew I had to have some of those shades. They had the perfect reds that I’ve been looking for. Now you must think ‘why is Teri showing us two bottles of the same colour?’. Well they are not the same at all, they look very similar at first glance, but they are actually very different. Also believe it or not, but red is a colour that is quite rare in my nailpolish collection! Shame on me!



OPI nailpolishes have an overall good quality and they are fairly priced. They have limited editions and the regular collection. Both are really worth to take a look at. What I love about the brand are the variety of finishes and colours. Essie for example is more of a brand that goes for neutral colours and the finishes are mostly creamy and metallic. OPI has it’s sparkles, special topcoats, duo chromes and so on. The regular bottles contain 15 ml of nail polish and that’s my only gripe with the brand, the bottles contain too mich product for me, I’ll never finish a 10 ml bottle so a 15 ml bottle is an even bigger challenge! That’s just my preference though, others might find it a plus. The brushes are very easy to work with too, it looks like a regular nail polish brush, but it’s a bit wider so it covers the whole fingernail in one go.



Every Month Is Oktoberfest is a very dark purple red with a cool purple base. It’s so dark that you don’t really see much of the cool purple, so it looks more like a purple overall. It hasa slight metallic finish and the nailpolish has little shimmers of red and purple. It’s very opaque so you can get away with only one coat. If you use one coat you’ll see the blue base peeking through, with two coats it’ll become almost black so the red and purple shimmers will stand out more. It’s such a gorgeous colour to look at and it has a very vampy feel.




German-Icure is a sultry rich dark red. It has a very dark red base with red shimmers. This red has brown tones to it, so it has an entire different feel and look on the nails. It’s not as dark as ‘Every Month Is Oktoberfest’ and the red shimmers do stand out more here. It’s verging on rusty red, a colour that I love. German-Icure is a lot sheerer than¬†Every Month Is Oktoberfest, so I definitely needed two or three layers. The finish is also slightly metallic. This is such a rich red shade and I’m in love with it! It’s perfect for Fall, the Holiday season, nights out and so on!



I’m so happy with both shades, but I’m not going to lie, I was a bit surprised about ‘Every Month Is Oktoberfest’, it came out a lot darker than I thought it would be. I wished it was a bit lighter so you can see the reds and the purples a bit more.¬†Nevertheless, it’s still a gorgeous vampy shade, it’s just a nit different than I expected. This is just a personal preference because it does not influence the shade as a whole, it’s definitely worth to look at. German-Icure is big love, it’s exactly what I was looking for, a red with a warm brown tone to it with a slight metallic finish. It’s perfect! I do wish it was a bit more opaque, but that’s a minor point of critique. I think I already know what I’ll be wearing this Fall!


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  1. Wauw super mooi, ik vind alleen de tweede toch iets mooier, met die shimmers. :)

  2. I love these wood polishes, they’re so very pretty and great for fall!

  3. Those look gorgeous on your nails – very ‘vampy’ ;)

  4. Those look gorgeous on your nails – very ‘vampy’ ;) x

    Lucysluxe – http://lucysluxe.blogspot.com

  5. Oehh 2 prachtige herfstkleuren:D Al is de paarsige wel mijn favoriet. Ik hou om deze tijd van het jaar en van donkere nagellak en make-up:D

  6. Wow die moet ik hebben!

  7. Oh my god, classy christmas nails! Me like!

  8. Prachtige kleuren, ik zou niet weten welke te kiezen.

  9. They’re not shades I’d personally wear, but they do look great on your nails! Very chic.

  10. Wowzers, I love German Icure! It’s b-eau-ti-ful <3_<3

  11. Wow they’re gorgeously rich! You picked great ones, Teri!

  12. Love both polishes! The Oktoberfest one is my favourite, I have that myself as well. :)

  13. German-Icure is echt gorgeous ;D

  14. Every Month Is Oktoberfest, I need!

  15. The colours are awesome and they really differ from one another, too bad Every month is Oktoberfest is darker than in the bottle!

  16. Mooie kleurtjes zeg! Alleen voor mij net iets te donker.

  17. I really cannot wrap my head around the colour in the packaging and the difference with the swatch. :p

  18. They’re gorgeous! Got a few similar shades laying around, so I’m all set :)

  19. German-icure is mijn fave van de twee. Echt een mooi rood! Beetje jammer dat every month is oktoberfest donkerder is dan verwacht

  20. De tweede vind ik erg mooi!

  21. Oktoberfest-kleurtje heb ik ook ^^ Maar die andere vind ik eigenlijk ook wel mooi!

  22. Mooie chique kleurtjes :-)

  23. Prachtige kleuren!! Ik vind vooral German-Icure super mooi!

  24. Ik vind ze allebei erg mooi ! Echt typische herfstkleuren.

  25. Pretty! So fall/holiday-y! :) also i like how shiny they look hehe.
    i’m still envious of anyone who can post pretty nail pics… nearly all my manicures are quite sad haha!

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