Good make up and cheap make up, is it possible? After being pampered with gorgeous make up from Dior, Guerlain, Chanel and so on, is it possible to go back? I know some people swear by cheap make up and others can’t let go of their precious YSL highlighter pen. It’s all comes down to personal preferences I guess. Do you want to go for luxurious packaging or can you settle for less? Being the make up hoarder I am I learned to go for less and better because I actually have everything I need. But I do love me some great cheaper finds, if it works it works! So today I’m sharing my favourite cheaper make up picks, I’ve tested them, wore them a lot and loved them!



I don’t like foundation, I’ve tried lots of them, but my skin is too picky and I don’t like the look of it on my skin. The only foundation that I really really love is the Bourjois Healthy Mix and the serum version. They are both very light weight and they give the most perfect skin-like finish. It’s a foundation that photographs beautifully too and it’s only around 14 euros! It has a very nice fruity fragrance and it gives a healthy, slighty glowy look!



Blush is a product that is hard to find in the drugstore. And with that I mean a blush that I like. In my opinion most blushes are too shimmery or poorly pigmented so I rather save my money on this. I do have to admit that I tend to overlook blushes. My two favourites are the new Catrice defining blushin Think Pink because it’s mat and the Gosh natural touch cream blusher in Lusty Pink. The cream blusher is very pigmented and it’s a great cream blush for a drugstore brand. They both don’t contain any sparkles or shimmers and have great colour pay off.



Yes, I’m obviously a big fan of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, they just work so well on me! You have them in different shades and they have great pigmentation and wear time. They are my absolute favourite cream eyeshadows for an every day look. Besides that I don’t really have a lot of drugstore favourites, I tend to go more to mid range brands when it comes to eye shadows because they do have better colour pay off and are easier to blend/use without getting all muddy on me (this is from my experience, you might experience it differently ofcourse!).



It’s the same story with eye liners, I preferred Mac and Stila before I found the Maybelline gel liner. It’s a great little product, it comes with a brush which is actually really good! The gel liner is very creamy without being wet and it stays on really well. The pigmentation is good as well. The only thing that could be a problem is the aluminium cap, I heard people complaining that it’s not air tight after a while, so the product might get drier (some people never experienced this problem though). Another brilliant product is the Gosh Extreme Art eye liner. They come in different colours and they are crazily pigmented and they stay on forever!



Max Factor mascaras are my absolute favourites and I know I’m not the only one! I’ve been using their mascaras for years and I always kept coming back to them until a point that I decided to just stick with the brand. Their formulations are flawless on me, the mascaras never budge! Well that’s not impressive you might say, but on me a lot of mascaras tend to run or smudge because of my oily eyelids. Not with these mascaras, no! They have a lot of mascaras with different brushes for different purposes so there is something for everyone!


I’m not big on lip glosses, but I do enjoy them in the summer. What I don’t like about most lipglosses is that they make my lips peel for some odd reason. I tried a whole bunch of them and these are my favourites. Bourjois has different ranges when it comes to lipgloss but the Effet 3D are my favourite ones. They are very moisturising and they look really great on the lips. The difference between the 3D and the 3D Max is that the Max is slightly heavier on the lips, while the regular one is lighter. Catrice has also a great range of hydrating lipglosses and they are actually realaly well pigmented too (as in medium pigmented). Revlon Super Lustrous lipglosses are another light weight lipgloss and I love the packaging of them too.


Okay, this was a tricky one because I own tons of lipsticks! I have rather dry lips, so I’m always looking for non drying lipsticks that don’t emphasise the dry patches too much. My favourites are the Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks, they come in different colours and finishes and they do last long! Another thing is that they are very well pigmented and there will be a new range out soon (the matte range by Kate Moss, can’t wait for that one). Very popular on the make-up boards and blogs are the Revlon Lip Butters. They are very creamy and buttery and they give medium coverage with a shiny finish. The packaging is really cute and it feels great on the lips but they do have a shorter wear time because of the buttery finish. Another great budget find are the lipsticks from Catrice, they have two ranges: the Ultimate Colour line for a more opaque finish and the Ultimate Shine line for a more sheerer shinier finish. They are the best budget lipsticks, they are well pigmented, creamy, have a good scent, the packaging is nice, and the colour range is very wearable! The L’oreal Caresse lipsticks are great for people who are looking for moisturising, sheer colours. Some of the colours look really bright, but they are actually sheer and so easy to wear. It’s because of these lipsticks that I got into more brighter shads because they are the perfect step-up for that!



And finally we have the nail polishes! When it comes to nail polishes I often turn to these brands because they are great in price and quality. First we have the Bourjois nail polishes and I actually like all their lines, they are really long wearing and the quality is really good. The colour range is a bit limited, but they did revamp their nail polishes lately. The L’oreal Color Riche nail polishes are actually already a bit more expensive, but the little convenient bottles always end up in my bag somehow! Again, long wearing, a great brush (!) and a very wide colour range. Accessorize nail polishes are cute and I love their duo chromes and also because they have shades you don’t often see in the drugstore.  Rimmel is like Bourjois to me, I love all the Rimmel nail polish lines, they have a wider shade selection and they are really long wearing. The qualitiy is almost consistant and they also have a great wide convenient brush. Sinful Colors is a brand that carries some interesting colours. The wear time is incredible, some shades tend to be sheer, but the quality is really good overall. Last but not least are Gosh nail polishes. They have some of my favourite shades (Holographic, Purple Heart, Gasoline) and they keep on coming with interesting nail polishes. They last a long time on my nails and the pigmentation is always good!

And there you go, my favourite drugstore make up picks. I will always love both cheaper or higher end make-up, as long as it works on me. I also love how drugstore brands have improved a very big deal over the past few years. They keep innovating themselves and I think it’s a great trend! If you have any recommendations to me about a great cheaper product please share with me! I love getting to know your favourites!



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    Thank you soo much for helping out ! Incredible blog by the way !!! 😀

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