The weather is already getting colder here and there is no denying that Fall is just around the corner. I tend to wear darker colours when it’s Fall, and a simple smoky eye is one of the things I tend to wear a lot. Today I’m sharing you a product that makes it all much more easier with just one colour.



Benefit is a brand that I like, but I do have some issues with their pricing of some of their products. Also, this is not a brand that you find easily in stores. As far as I know it’s only available at Inno stores. The Benefit Creaseless Creams are basically a cream eyeshadow and they can also be used as liners. What I really love about this range is the very wearable colours. They feel/perform and look a lot like the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, but Benefit carries more colours. They come in a glass jar containing 4.5 grams and go for 19 euro.



Skinny Jeans is a warm greyish shade with a slight green tone and even some gold to it. It’s a very interesting shade and there are little glitters which makes the colour even more interesting. This is one of those shades that looks different on everyone. On me it has more of the grey tones while I saw it on other people being more of a green. It really depends on your skin tone. The consistency is creamy and it’s easy to work with. It’s not patchy and it’s very buildable. The pigmentation is really good and I just apply it with my fingers. The finish is slightly shimmery to metallic, but it’s just slightly.



Benefit Creaseless Creams are definitely worth to take a look at, especially if you like the Maybelline Colour Tattoos and are looking for more colours. They come at a higher price point but the quality is really good. I also like the staying power, it stays on for a good 7 hours on me without a primer and with a primer it stays a whole day. Skinny Jeans is a perfect shade for a smoky eyes. I just use it all over the eyelid, apply a soft liner and I’m done! It’s also a great base for a smoky eye. If you layer some other shades on it you will get a beautiful effect! I’m planning on getting another shade because they are really good and I love the colour selection. They did a great job on the whole line!


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  1. Skinny jeans is echt een supermooie kleur. Dat past volgens mij echt bij alles..

  2. Ziet er echt mooi uit! Ik krijg wel echt zin om ook eens oogschaduw creme te kopen na al je reviews te lezen hierover =]

  3. Het staat je heel mooi zeg!

  4. Teri, this shade looks amazing on you! I always thought this shade was blue for some reason, but now i definitely need to look at this in person!

  5. this color is really gorgeous! it looks beautiful on you.
    i can see this is quite versatile with any lip color matched. ;)
    i like the maybelline color tattoo range but honestly i wasn’t that impressed with the staying power. i should test this out. :)

  6. Deze kleur staat je heel mooi, prachtig!

  7. Ziet er prima uit en de kleur is ideaal voor nu!

  8. Geeft een erg mooi effect!!

  9. Haha ik had een meer bruine kleur verwacht! De verpakking alleen al is een big plus ^^ Je staat trouwens heel erg mooi op de foto :)

    • Dank je! Het is een beetje een moeilijke kleur om te fotograferen omdat het zo kan verschillen van kleur. Het hangt ook een beetje van de huidskleur, want dan verschilt die weer van kleur! Maar dan echt op een mooie manier :)

  10. wow, schattige verpakking! Ik dacht dat hij roze was :’). Erg mooie kleur ^^

  11. Wat een schattige verpakking, maar wat een mooie foto op het laatst! Je haar vast staat trouwens ook erg goed. :)

  12. Looks good! I haven’t tried Benefit yet, but maybe I will now.

    • They have some great products that are worth the price. Check out their blushes if you can get past the packaging, and the cream es ofcourse!

  13. Ohh I love Benefit and I love this colour! but I probably won’t buy it (yet), I’ve got no experience at all with these cream shadows… (still planning on buying on of Catrice..).

    • Yeah you might want to try a cheaper alternative first, see how you like it ;). But if it works on you, try this too, the colours are really great!

  14. I love the colour ! Looks really good on you too ! Although I don’t mind spending a lot on make up, I never want to pay the price for Benefit products. It just never really speaks to me ( you know what I mean :d).

  15. heel mooi :) ben blij dat ik je eens in het echt gezien heb, je bent een toffe madam!

  16. Awesome colour! I really need to get my hands on a similar cream!

  17. First time I’ve heard about this product from Benefit. I really like the color and staying power is very good!

  18. Ahhh you pretty thing! I still have this one on my wish list!

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