My addiction to lip products is really getting out of hand, but I need them all! When I heard about the Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait I really got excited. What I really love about the new line is that they included some bolder and brighter shades. A bit of both worlds! Lipsticks are my absolute favourite thing, but ever since Chanel release their Rouge Allure Laque, I’ve been loving liquid lipsticks aswell!
The Rouge G line is one of my favourite lipstick lines, because the formula is perfection and the packaging is so luxurious.



Guerlain released The Rouge G L’Extrait in sevenl shades and these are basically mat liquid lipsticks. They come in a packaging very similar to the Rouge G lipsticks, so they look amazing, but they are heavy. You just click them open and you’ll also see a little mirror. Now these don’t come cheap, they contain 6 ml and are above 30 euro. The lipstick comes with a classic doe footed sponge applicator which is really easy to use.


Gourmandise or M71 is a very bright neutral pink without any shimmers or glitters.  It has some coral in it and is close to the family of reds. The finish is mat. The lipstick has a slight scent of roses, but I find it actually nice (I usually dislike rose scents) it doesn’t has that grandma scent to it, lol. The formula is a dream to me, it’s very creamy, it doesn’t clinge on dry patches (very important for mat lipsticks) and it is amazingly well pigmented. I don’t find it drying at all, mats are known for being problmatic for people with dry lips, but this is so light and comfortable on my lips. It also doesn’t bleed or feather, a problem with some liquid lipsticks.


Yes, Guerlain made a beautiful product yet again. It’s perfection on the lips, it stays in place and I also tested it while having a meal. It stayed on very well, and also it didn’t fade away in an ugly way. You know how some lipsticks fade away on the iiner parts of your lips, leaving you with thick line on the edges of your lips? Well, these don’t have that problem. The staying power is great, it lasts easily 6 hours on me. It’s nearly perfect, only the price is really high. Yes, it’s from the Rouge G line, so you pay for the looks and the quality, and it’s worth it to me, but I can see how others might be scared away. If you have the money and you want to invest in a gorgeous mat and pigmented lipstick, go and buy this!

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