Givenchy is one of those brands that I haven’t tried yet. I don’t know why though, there is no real reason, I love their powders, you know, the squares? They look really lovely! Givenchy’s packaging always looks very classy and beautiful too, so it’s time to explore the brand a bit for me. Givenchy came out with their fall collection: Acoustic Colours. If there one thing that is pretty noticeable about this collection it’s the glitters! They are in the lips products and the eye palette, but also in the nail polish called Acoustic Purple. I’ll just say one word: blurple!




First of all, this is a limited edition shade. Givenchy does sell a regular line of nail polishes which seems to consist mainly out of rather neutral colours. They all come in a square bottle with a black square cap. The Givenchy logo is on top of the cap. It’s very simple but classy like all the Givenchy products. A nail polish contains 5.5 ml, so this is not a big nail polish bottle! The price is 17 euro. I’ll be honest about it, it’s rather expensive for  5.5 ml, but we’re talking about a high end brand here. When we compare it to Dior (10 ml for 21 euro) and Chanel (13 ml for 23 euro)  Givenchy seems to be in a higher price market. The nail polish comes with a classic nail polish brush.



Acoustic Purple is a very deep cool toned purple with strong royal blue tones, which makes it a blurple in my opinion. The nail polish contains very fine shimmers, you have the pink stronger shimmers and cool blue shimmers which takes this nail polish to the next level. Because of the very fine shimmer the nail polish looks really chic and sophisticated. The consistency is rather thick, but it’s not too problematic for me. The pigmentation of the nail polish is excellent, I only used one layer on my nails. The finish is rather shiny but it looks a bit satin in some lightning.



I adore this shade, it’s gorgeous and the shimmers are just perfect! The formula was rather excellent, it was very opaque, only a bit on the thick side. Is this a dupe of the Guerlain Riviera nail polish? No, it’s not! First of all, Acoustic Purple is a lot darker. Also it contains pink shimmer, something that Riveria has not. The finishes are very different too, Riviera is more metallic and has subtle stripes. It’s a gorgeous nail polish, I also love the packaging, it’s a bit different from what I have. So good for that! My only critique is the price point. I can imagine that it scares a lot of people. For this particular shade I’d say it’s worth it, but I can’t vouch for other shades. If a shade is unique enough it’s worth to shell out if the formula and pigmentation is good. Do you ever tried something from Givenchy and how do you like it?

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