Some people have been asking me how I apply false eyelashes, so I finally got around to do a mini tutorial on this. It’s really easy, I think anyone can do this! Now I’ve always been a fan of false eyelashes, they add a lot of volume to my lashes and it looks just so much better. A bit much? No not really, most people don’t even notice my false eyelashes! I don’t wear them on an every day basis though, just when I have somewhere special to go, or want to go for a full look. False eyelashes are also great for photo shoots because the camera doesn’t always pick up everything of your eyes, especially on distance. Now my eyelashes are not great, but they really lack outer corner lashes, so it always looks a bit sad there. Now this is a tutorial for people with straight, shorter lashes and/or are lacking outer corner lashes. The secret is all about starting somewhere simple!



Now my absolute favourite false eyelashes are the Katy Perry Oh Honey lashes from Eylure. They have just the right density and they look very natural. They are made from real hair, so it doesn’t have that weird shine you get with the plastic ones. Another great thing is that they are fairly cheap, and easily available. The strip is transparant so it goes with anything. Another very imporant thing is that the strip is just right. Sometimes false eyelashes have very thin strips, so they are just too floppy and it’s really hard to get them on. This is not too thick but not too thin, so that’s why I love them so much!



What do you need for applying falsies? Well you don’t necessarily need it, but the following things made my life easier. First you need a pair of tweezers. it really helps, because it’s so much easier to apply it that way. Sometimes your fingers get too much in the way or block your sight so you don’t know what you’re doing. Another thing is good lash glue! Trust me, there is a big difference between them. My favourite one is the duo eyelash glue, you have different versions. I have the one that dries transparent. Last but not least: eyelash curlers, because we need to blend the straight lashes into the fake ones.



Now before you start, you take the false eyelashes. Now look at the shortest end, the part that is supposed to be on your inner eyes. From there you cut a little less than half way of the lash, or less or more, depending on what you want. Now we got accent lashes! You can keep the rest of the lashes for another time, we don’t want to waste it. Now we can start!



First you apply your eye make up like always. Eye shadow, concealer, brows , eye liner, whatever you want. I chose for a fairly mat look with a bit of a wing.



Now it’s time for the lashes. I always apply a lash primer, because it holds the curl better, than after that I apply mascara on top and bottom lashes. I still did’nt curl my lashes. You can clearly see that the difference is barely there because they are pin point straight. Yeah, I have sad lashes, lol.



Time to apply the accent lashes! You simply put a dot of glue on your hand. Than you take your tweezers, take one of the false eye lashes and go with the strip in the glue. Make sure that both ends have enough glue! Now you wait till it gets tacky, with duo glue it’s around 20-30 seconds. Make sure you got the ends right, the longest end goes on the outer end, the shortest is in the middle. Look down in the mirror and simply apply it as close as you can on the edge of your lashes. This is really easier than it may sound. You can adjust it with the tweezers. Now squeeze the false lash line with your lashes together, this way it gets even closer on the lashline. As you can see I made a booboo, but no worries, the glue goes invisible!



If you still see a bit of the seem of the false eye lashes, just go in with some eye shadow and blend it in. Now we are taking the eyelash curlers, and we curl them all together. It now looks like a big happy family together!

And that’s it! Now some may wonder, why not do the curling first before applying the false eyelashes? I tried that before, but it’s really tricky and you kind of need to know what you’re doing. The problem is that when I curl my lashes, they are really very curly, simply because they are so short. People with longer eyelashes will not experience this because the space between the eye and the ends (the end of the curl) of the eye lashes are bigger, if that makes any sense. So if you apply the false eye lashes after curling you need to try and get the false eyelashes between that little space of your eyelid and the curl. Result is glued eyelashes and wasting time. It is possible, but it’s nerve wrecking at times. So that’s why I tried it in a different order. I hope this helps some of you and tell me if it works on you!


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  1. [...] more so lately after all my lashes fell out after using RapidLash :/), and downward growing. She stated that she likes to use the Katy Perry for Eyelure lashes called Oh Honey! I have experimented with [...]

  2. Very natural, very lovely! You look great with fake lashes!

  3. it looks so great on you! I haven’t worn fake lashes in YEARS and i could barely put them on then. Yours look really nice and well done, so I will definitely try this next time I have an occasion! (who knows when that will be though lol!)

  4. Oh my goodness, I have a LOT of practicing to do. I tried to make my own accent lashes today (my sister’s wedding is Saturday and I’ve been trying to practice so I don’t look completely horrid on the day of) and it turned out terribly!!! Yours look SO natural though! Maybe I will go out and grab a pair of the same lashes you use–they really look very pretty!

    • Well I tried it with different fake lashes and from my experience I’d say that the strip has to be sturdy enough. When the strip is very thin and floppy I can’t get it to work either and I’d get a tantrum, lol! Just relax and practice! Try to find the perfect pair that works for you, it might take a bit of searching. I really wish you good luck Becca, and let me know if it went well! :)

  5. Mooi resultaat! Ik vind het soms een beetje raar als nepwimpers te lang of te dik zijn, dan valt het teveel op dat het fake is omdat het verschil met m’n eigen wimpers te groot is, maar deze zijn perfect!

    • Ja, dat is idd het grote probleem voor mensen die kortere wimpers hebben, het ziet er snel over the top uit, hehe. Maar gebruik ze dus gewoon als accent, dan is het heel mooi!

  6. Handige tutorial!! Geeft een mooi effect!!

  7. Staat je erg mooi en wat mooie foto`s

  8. Oh, I like! Wat een natuurlijk resultaat geeft dat, zou nooit hebben gezegd dat je nepwimpers ophebt. Soms doe ik het ook zo, ligt eraan wat voor lashes, maar is wel damn moeilijk om ze er tussen te moffelen. xd

  9. So, if you do this part ‘Now squeeze the false lash line with your lashes together, this way it gets even closer on the lashline.’, do you do this with the unsharp end of your tweezers, or…?
    I definitely want to try false lashes! (I really want to try Dolly Wink brand lashes actually…)

    • I just use the sharp ends. No need to worry about poking it in your eye, just be carefull! Yeah, I want to try the Dolly wink lashes aswell! They look perfect and not too dramatic, don’t you think? :)

  10. Great tutorial! I have medium length eyelashes and I also like to curl after applying false lashes – it sort of helps the false and real lashes blend together.

  11. Handig! Ik wil dat zo graag proberen maar ik heb geen wimper lijm ://. Weet jij misschien iets wat je gewoon in de kruidvat kan kopen?

    • Hmm, ik heb er geen idee van, de duo eyelash glue kun je in de Mac kopen, mocht je er toevallig nog eens langskomen. Ik zal eens kijken in het kruidvat :).

  12. Nice, still looks natural which is what I like :-)

  13. Pretty ! Het ziet er heel natuurlijk uit zo.

  14. I really like how they look on you (you look a bit like my cousin, in case I haven’t mentioned that, lol). No matter what I do, I am either clumsy or just not made for false eyelashes, takes me forever to apply and then they look …erm … not good, lol. I really like your hair here as well.

    • Oh really? That is so cool, you didn’t mentioned it but now I’m super curious about her, haha! Well applying them takes some patience and time :). But hey if you have pretty lashes, you don’t need them!

  15. Pwettty~~ Ik heb onlangs mijn eerste false lashes gekocht, dus dit kan ik goed gebruiken ;) Thank you!

  16. Eeee so pretty! I’m too lazy to use false lashes, but now I’m really tempted to try!

  17. Ziet er erg mooi uit. Ik heb zelf eigenlijk nog nooit geprobeerd om valse wimpers aan te brengen.

  18. Ik moet het echt nog eens een kans geven, ik heb al een paar keer geprobeerd de Katy Perry lashes aan te brengen, maar het lukt me dus niet :/
    Ik ben daar echt een kluns mee! Misschien dan inderdaad eerst eens met een klein stukje proberen!

    • Maar jij hebt al mooie volle wimpers van jezelf toch ;). Een hele strip aanbrengen is idd wat moeilijk de eerste keer. Het gaat vooral om oefenen en veel geduld!

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