My first experience with glossy stains was with the YSL Pur Couture Glossy Stain and I was really very excited about it. But truth to be told, it comes with a serious price tag so the Maybelline 10H Tint Gloss looks like a very promising alternative if you ask me! It looks like a gloss but stains the lips, so you get best of both worlds. I love the look of gloss, but the wear time is mostly just lacking because that’s what lipglosses mostly do. The idea of adding a stain to it is really genius and I’m so happy that they’ve been brought to the market.



The Maybelline 10H Tint Gloss comes in a round white tube. The cap indicates what colour it has, so it’s very handy if you are looking for a certain shade. It contains 10.5 ml (which is a lot) and goes for around 10 euro (a YSL Glossy Stain goes for around 30 euro), so it’s a really good deal. The applicator is rather interesting because it’s an oval with a whole in the middle. I guess it’s to apply the product more evenly. The applicator itself has a spongy texture. The 10H Tint Gloss has a sweet candy like scent, which is not bad, but you don’t really notice it on your lips.


top: the 10h tint gloss as a stain, bottom: the 10h tint gloss as a gloss

Forever Coral is in my opinion more like an medium orange toned red. There is a coral tone to it, but just slightly. It has micro shimmers in it, but you barely see it. The 10H Tint Gloss is definitely pigmented. I was not too sure about the weird looking applicator but it actually works really well and precise. You don’t really need a lot of product on your lips because of the pigmentation and it applies evenly and easy. The texture is creamy but not thick and it feels surprisingly light. It’s not moisturising to me but not drying either. I do get a bit of a weird sensation on my lips in the beginning but it’s not in a bad way, it’s rather just weird. The finish is glossy and later it becomes a stain, just what it claims.


at the beginning

after 6 hours with drinks and a meal

As for staying power it really depends what your do. I wore it for 6 hours and I had some drinks, some snacks and a dinner with spaghetti which is quite challenging for a lip product. It stays glossy for around 4 hours, when I had my dinner the glossiness disappeared but it became a stain. The stain is lighter. Now this is a great product if your lips are perfect. If you have some cracks you will notice the colour difference in the stain, it’s deeper, and it’s not very flattering. You can see in the picture that I had some cracks going on on my lower lips, my upper lip is completely fine though. So do keep that in mind.



Compared  to the YSL Glossy Stain this is a great alternative. It’s not quite the same though. I find the Ysl Glossy Stain more creamy and moisturising, it also has more of a gloss going on and the consistency is thicker while Maybelline 10H Tint Gloss feels lighter. I also find that when it comes to meals the Maybelline 10H Tint Gloss wins, because it stays in place while it’s component becomes more messy and starts to bleed a bit. They both have pros and cons but Maybelline did a great job with it’s cheaper version!

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