Dry oils, hair elixirs, anything with oils seems to be hot these days. Launch after launch and they keep on coming. But are they worth it and do we need it? Which ones are worth to take a look at and which ones are kinda ‘meh’. Well today I will help you a bit with a comparison of the hair elixirs and oils that I currently own. I write about my own experiences with them, I’m definitely not a hair specialist and everyone’s hair is different and have different needs. First of all a little bit info about my hair: it’s long with highlights. Because of the colour treatment my hair ends are very dry and damaged if I don’t treat it. My hair near the scalp tends to get oily, so oily on the top and dry on the bottom, a tricky one! A thing that drives me crazy is the fact that my hair absolutely hates anything with silicones. I think a lot of people are okay with silicones, but my hair can’t deal with it. If I use it it breaks off at the ends after a week, so silicones are a big no no for me.



Let’s start with Matrix Exquisite Oil. Matrix is a brand you can get at hair dressers. The Exquisite oil is a replenishing treatment and comes in a plastic bottle of 92 ml and goes for around 17.50 euro. You dispense some oil with a little pump, which I really like, it’s clean and easy.  The oil feels rather dry, which is good, and it has a very nice floral scent. This product is based on Moringa, this is a tree that is rich on minerals, vitamin A and C.  When we look at the ingredients it’s mostly silicone and perfume on the top, but also a good load of Macadamia oil, Argan oil and ofcourse Moringa oil. There is a bit of Benzyl Alcohol in it, which is a pity but it’s there only in small properties, so it’s nothing too bad.



Kiehl’s launched some new hair products and the colour- protect shine infusing hair treatment (that’s a mouthful!) is one of them. It comes in a plastic bottle of 118 ml and goes for 30 euro. You simply spray it on, I love that! It’s supposed to be used before sun exposure. It has an Spf10 which is really nice to see because colour treated hair really needs sun protection! I love the scent, it has the fruity smell of apricot! So far so good, but here comes the big disappointment: the first ingredient is alcohol denat! Yes, why would we want alcohol denat in our hair especially when it’s colour treated and probably damaged? When you spray it on you can smell the strong scent of the alcohol which really ruins it for me. As for the other ingredients, the interesting ones are more on the bottom: sunflower seed oil, apricot kernel oil and vitamin E.



The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil is actually for body, face and hair. It comes in a 100 ml plastic bottle and goes for 9 euro. The Beautifying Oils come in different versions like coconut, olive oil, moringa and so on. I do not like the dispenser, it’s simply a litter tout and makes things very messy. You can’t really control the amount you want to get and things start to leak a bit. The scent is like cocoa butter, a bit nutty and warm. The oil is a dry oil and it’s not greasy at all. The ingredients are definitely not bad, first we have an oil derived from coconut, than something plant-based, marula seed oil (this comes from a tree who has fruits full of vitamin C), sweet almond oil and cacoa seed butter. It has a bit of benzyl alcohol too, but it’s at the end of the list.



Kerastase has a line of four hair oils, so I’ll describe the ones I have. First, they all come in a plastic bottle of 125 ml and they go for 35.80 euro. They all have a pump system. First we have the green version, this is for damaged hair and is based on Moringo and a mix of other oils. It has a great floral scent, a bit like the Matrix Oil, but a bit softer. You only need a little drop of this,so it will last for ages. The ingredients are mostly silicone, then we have corn germ oil, argan oil, Camellia seed oil (Camellia is a plant, mostly used for tea oil), oil tree and moringa oil. Then we have the purple version for fine and sensitive hair. It has a fresh and floral scent, very feminine. It’s base on a blend of oils and the Millennium Rose. I do not really understand the ingredient list though. First we have silicone, okay fine, but then we have as second ingredient alcohol denat, really? Again, who wants alcohol denat for their sensitive hair? The other ingredients are like the green version with one difference: the Milennium Rose. Ladtly we have the pink version for coloured hair. It’s based on Imperial tea. It says that the scent was insired by Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel and yes, it definitely smells like that! The ingredients are just like the green version, only this one has Imperial Tea which has a lot of anti oxidants.



I saved my favourite for last, I already reviewed it and I still love it! It’s the Caudalie Huile Divine, a oil for hair, body and face. It comes in a glass bottle of 100 ml and goes for 24 euro. The scent is floral with a hint of grapes. The oil itself is a dry oil, it’s very moisturising and an absolute blessing for my dry hair ends! You can spray it directly on your hair or in your hand, it’s just as easy! The ingredients are grape seed oil, sesame seed oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil and argan oil.



So what’s the verdict? They are mostly good. My favourite scent is the Kiehl’s hair oil, the Kerastase Moringa hair oil and The Caudalie Huile Divine. The cheapest one is the The Body Shop Beautifying Oil, it has nice ingredients, comes in different versions and is only 9 euro, also it’s widely available. I only dislike the dispenser. When it comes to packaging I love the Kerastase oils and the Caudalie Huile Divine. The Matrix Exquisite oil is nice as well but is a bit trickier to get, same with Kerastase (at your hair salon). They all had a very nice formula, they worked really well. As for best buy I’d say Caudalie and it’s not because I’m a total fan girl, but it’s when you think of price, packaging, ingredients and multi-use and did I also mention it has no silicones for the ones that can’t use it like me, this is the most interesting. I would personally not recommend the Kiehl’s hair treatment and the Kerastase Elixer Ultime for sensitive and fine hair, they both have mostly alcohol denat and are just a disaster for your hair.Also you can clearly smell the alcohol in it. As for silicones, the ones without them are Caudalie, Kiehl’s and The Body Shop. I hope this guide was a bit useful for you!





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