While I’m typing this I’m seriously sleep deprived, so excuse me if I make no sense. More about that in an update soon! Let’s talk about nail polish right now, and the Essence nail polishes in particular. I’ve always liked their cheap little bottles. They came in a great colour selection and the quality was really good! Essence is updating their nail polishes now, so before everything goes, I wanted to share two of my favourite shades. They both are so nice for the great weather. If you can get your hands on these don’t hesitate!



The Colour&Go nail polishes come in little bottles of 5 ml and they go for around 2 euro if I remember correctly. That’s really cheap and you get to play around with some fun shades. They have a classic brush, and I do really appreciate the size of it, because despite the rather small brushes, the brushes are not too tiny.



C’est La Vie is a warm orange with a salmon pink to it. It’s not too bright, but it’s slightly muted. The finish is non glittery and rather glossy. I’d say that the formula was a bit on the thick side, it applied a bit streaky, but once it dries the streaks disappear. It’s really well pigmented too, two coats for a nice finish! What I love about this shade is that it’s in between bright, but slightly muted. It’s a very positive colour too, it says fun and bright to me!




Choose me is a jelly with a medium teal base loaded with golden and teal shimmers. It applies rather sheer because of the sheer base, so I decided to experiment with it. I absolutely adore the glitters, the combination is just pure love for me. It’s very sparkly and I love how the shimmers add lots of dimension to it. The formula was really good, but sheer. I need three layers for an opaque finish. I did experiment with two other nail polishes as a base colour. On my ring finger I used an opaque aqua blue, it gives an instant opaque effect when you layer ‘Choose Me’ over it. On my pinkie I used a blackened blue base, result was a very deep teal colour. I love that the darker blue brings out the teal glitters out more, so yeah you can make interesting combinations with this shade!



I love both shades, They each have their own appeal to me. I do love to experiment with glitter nail polishes, I love layering them and make interesting combinations. You should try it if you didn’t already!

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  1. Het lakje choose me heb ik ook en vind het echt een mooi kleurtje, ik hou van de vele glitters in het lakje!

  2. C’est la vie looks so great! Hope you’re ok…

  3. Ik ben benieuwd naar de update waar je het over had, hopelijk gaat alles goed met je. De kleuren zijn overigens echt geweldig, ik houd gewoon van blauw, die kleur moet ik zien te veroveren!

  4. Allebei prachtige kleuren!

  5. c’est la via heb ik ook! choose me is iets te gedurfd voor mij, maar ook al zo’n mooie :)

  6. love them both, but my foavourite is defiantly choose me!

  7. c’est la vie is mooi :)

  8. C’est la vie is a gorgeous color!

  9. Prachtig! Ik ben al een tijdje op zoek naar een lakje zoals Choose Me but with no luck!

  10. Choose me is awesome I have it as well C’est La Vie is a nice colour but has been sold out for ages at my nearest couple of kruidvats ;)

  11. OOOO I love how Choose Me looks layered over another polish!

  12. I already have a “C’est la vie”-like colour, but “Choose Me” is a very nice polish ^^ I usually buy Catrice when buying budget-polish, but I think I will go and try this one out ;)

  13. Ik vind ze allebei heel erg mooi! Essence heeft steeds vaker dingen waarvan ik denk: Oh, huh Essence?! Maar dan op een goede manier. Terwijl het me “vroeger” nooit echt enthousiast maakte.

  14. I like Choose Me! as a glitter polish, though the colour as is reminds me too much of mermaid tails. ;p I’m not a terrible big fan of the new brushes (like Catrice’s), but the bottlecap is much easier to hold on to!

  15. Allebei echt prachtige kleuren!!

  16. Choose me is zo verschrikkelijk mooi :) Heb hem zelf ook!

  17. Oeh, C’est La Vie vind ik mooi! Fijne nagellakjes, die van Essence, ik heb gezien dat ze hun verpakking zouden veranderen?

  18. ik heb ze toevallig ook allebei en vind ze super pretty :D perfect voor de zomer!

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