Today a review and a tutorial mixed into one post. This one will be a rave about the Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner because it’s that good! It’s actually my new holy grail of all liquid liners out there! I’ve seen the liner coming in a lot of You Tube videos and I got so curious about it, so I decided to order it and boy I don’t regret it one bit!



The Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner is pink with little purple polka dots and a little bow, so that’s already a +1 for me. For those who are unfamiliar with it, Dolly Wink is from Koji and it’s a Japanese brand. Now, since I can’t read Japanese, I can’t really tell how much ml it has and anything else. I paid around 11 euro for it and bought it on Sasa. Now Sasa has huge shipping costs, so it’s always interesting to do a groups order if possible, that’s how I did it. What’s so special about this eyeliner? Well first of all the tip, it’s not a felt tip, but a tiny little brush. It’s absolutely perfect, not too stiff and not too weak. You can draw fine lines, thick lines and anything in between. The tip makes very fine detailing possible, it’s so easy with this eyeliner!



The eyeliner is very pigmented, it’s like a satin black finish, not really glossy, but not too mat either. and the staying power is amaaaazing, it lasts all day, it does not budge at all! It’s not waterproof, so you don’t need to do some serious cleansing in order to get it off. What I also like is that this product doesn’t dry out. I’ve used it for quite some time now, and it’s still going strong! This an absolute plus for a pen eyeliner, because most do dry out after a while. I love this eyeliner so much that I got a back-up! So only 11 euro for the best eyeliner ever? Yes please!



So now I’m showing you this baby in action. I got inspired when I saw a tutorial on ChloeAsh, made by the lovely Lily! I never did a double winged eyeliner before so I hope the result is okay! Now it’s interesting how Lily did the double wing, because I kind of did it backwards, lol! Now you see that everyone has their own twist into things. It’s 6 steps, and I did find it a bit challenging, but I hope you like it!



First I applied two base colours, a light one on the inner half of my eye lid and a darker one on the outer half of my eye lid. I used Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette and the shades that I used are Verve (the lighter shade) and Pistol (the darker shade). Both are grey shades with a slight brown tint to it. It makes my brown eyes stand out more, they look incredibly brown with these shades (I know this might make no sense at all!).



Ok now we are going to cheat a bit. If you are a pro, well you skip this step, but for the rookies like me, we can use all the help in the world! Take a small angled brush (like Mac 266) and a dark brown eyeshadow. You are going to draw a line on your lower lash line and extend it outerwards. Just think of it as an extended line of your lower lash line. If you make a mistake it will be a bit less dramatic. Think of it as using pencil before a marker, haha.



Time to line your eyes on the upper half. You can do it any way you want, with a pencil or an eye shadow, but I decided to go for a crisp line. I started out thin and gradually made it thicker. If you don’t master the art of drawing on eye liner, well eh, I can’t help you with that right now! The awesome thing with the Dolly Wink eye liner (I swear this is not a sponsored post, lol!) is you can draw very fine lines and correct it if needed. Now one the end of your eye line you need to start to wing it out and make it go even with the line of your lower lash line.


Then I started to draw the lower line with the eyeliner. You can see that I didn’t lined my waterline with this, it’s purely for the line itself. I also made the upper line a bit longer so that they would be even. If you make a booboo (like I did) You can simply correct it by dipping a Q tip into some make-up remover.



Next step is to line your waterline with a black pencil. Yes I forgot to tightline my eyes, I will remember that next time! To make the double wing stand out more I used some of the lighter eye shadow (Verve) and smudged it between the lines and under my lower lash line. It will add a bit more brightness to the eyes.



Final step is is curling my lashes and use mascara, lots of it! I do think you need some lashes with this, it adds some serious drama to the look and completes it. I really hope this tutorial will help some of you, it looks easy, but it’s actually trickier then I thought (unless you are a pro ofcourse!). You can use any colour you want, there are so many variations on this, but it’s a very fun twist on the classic eyeliner and I really enjoyed it! The great part about it is that it stayed on me the whole day and I didn’t had to worry about smudging or the dreaded panda eyes.



Hope you liked it! Sorry for the slightly inconsistent lightning, but the sun decided to mess things up during my photo session, lol. I’ve got a super busy week ahead of me, I’m soooo behind commenting back, but I hope I will get onto it soon! I wish you all the best for this week and I really love you all!



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  1. Waaaauw, so pretty!!
    Echt heel erg mooi, en staat je super! Ik zou het niet kunnen denk ik :p

  2. Enkel de verpakking van de eyeliner is al schattig! :D

  3. this is awesome, Teri!
    what i love most about this look is you can wear minimal eyeshadow with this dual winged eyeliner look.
    i am trying this out soon. thanks for the inspiration!

    • Yeah, you can wear it with barely any es or more, it’s all fine, hehe. Please tell me your experience with it when you try it, would love to hear about it :).

  4. Wow–this is awesome! It’s the first time I’ve ever wanted to try a double-winged look before, but I really do now! You pull it off so well–it doesn’t look to bold or funky, it’s just right :D

  5. Love it!! Het ziet er echt goed uit de look en de eyeliner! De look heeft nu meer drama en is edgier dan een normale wing! En de eyeliner klinkt fantastisch, als ik ooit in Japan ben (as if) dan neem ik echt een tas alleen voor beauty productjes mee.

  6. Extremely pretty eye look! I love it!

  7. I love it and as a rookie I am going to try that tip!

  8. Mooi gedaan en goed uitgelegd ook! :)

  9. Do you own the k-palette one day tatoo eyeliner? I wonder how they compare in terms of lasting/smudging. I was thinking about ordering one of them.

    • No sorry, I don’t have any experience with that one, I heard great things about it though, so it’s worth a try :)

  10. Ik vond de belichting juist incredible, alles is mooi te zien joh! God, wat is het goed gelukt! Ik vroeg mij altijd af hoe ze dat maakte, heb namelijk zelf nog een foto hiervan met twee wings en kon er uren naar kijken, best ingewikkeld, maar het heeft zich mooi uitgepakt hoor, wauw!

    • Oh Cynthia, moet je echt proberen hoor! Zeker jij zou het kunnen, hehe :). Het is een beetje zoeken, maar het is wel degelijk te doen!

  11. super leuk gemaakt! dit moet ik ook eens proberen ^^

  12. Echt heel erg mooi! En leuk zo`n review en look in 1.

  13. Wow your eyes are really stunning! I love this on you, it gives you that intense look :O

  14. Mooie look! Vind het wel iets speciaals en mooi, zo’n dubbele eyeliner.

  15. Really pretty eyeliner. I heard that Dollywink eyeliner’s pretty good.

  16. Very clean lines! I like your liquid liner version better. It’s hard to achieve such neat lines using pencils :-) I’m glad you like the look! This looks great on you.

    • I like both versions, I am going to try it with a pencil next time, it’s softer and gives another look to it, which is cool! Thanks a lot for the inspiration Lily!

  17. Soooooo prettyyyyy! En o how i wish I had your eyeliner skills. De wing lukt nog veel te vaak niet bij mij. Ik heb net gezien dat je hem op Ebay ook kan krijgen. ‘t Kost je wel zo’n 13€ maar incl verzending vind ik dat best een goede prijs voor een eyeliner die zo veel liefde krijgt.

  18. Staat je goed. Ik denk dat ik maar eens bij je in de leer kom! :)

  19. Girl, that is gorgeous! And that’s a great tip, drawing a powder line first. I’m definitely gonna use that technique. And the eyeliner itself sounds very promising too. I kinda want to order it… Should I or should I not…? :-)

    • If you ever have the money and the chance do it! It’s so great! And please tell me your experience if you try it, I love to hear all about it :).

  20. Super winged liner ! Het eyeliner klinkt veelbelovend !

  21. Oh my God this is SO pretty! I got the Dolly Wink eyeliner after hearing how obsessed you are, and I should take it out for some play time soon!

  22. Wow, heel gaaf! Staat je super :)

  23. Staat je echt supergoed! Ik heb het ook al eens gedragen, zo’n double wing, maar ik vind het best veel werk om te maken :D

    • Ja, het is zeker niet in 1 2 3, lol! Maar het is wel eens leuk om een dagje wat te kliederen met make-up, niet? hehe

  24. Heel mooi gedaan!! Staat je super. Zo’n double wing wil ik ook nog eens uitproberen.

  25. zo’n dubbele wing staat je echt heel goed :D!

  26. Jeej! Ik wist wel dat je het een goede zou vinden, het is zelf al mijn ‘HG eyeliner’ voor een jaar denk ik (ik zit nu op mijn 2e of 3e pennetje). Ik ben steeds zo bang dat ik hem niet meer kan krijgen :P Ik wist trouwens ook niet dat het ‘niet normaal’ is dat er zo’n puntje aan zit (ipv een felt tip bedoel ik), aangezien dit ook mijn allereerste pennetje was. Ik zet nu wel iedere ochtend binnen een halve minuut een wing denk ik! Super! (besteed al genoeg tijd aan de rest van mijn make up.. :p).
    Ik raad ook aan om andere producten van Dolly Wink te proberen hoor, echt een supermerk! xD

    • Oh leuk, dan ga ik zeker de volgende keer andere dingen van het merk bestellen, dank je voor de tip! En ja, die uiteinde is wel degelijk vaak van vilt gemaakt en hier niet, is er geweldig aan!

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