Guys, I’m in love! I own a whole box of nail polishes, but never before a nail polish like this! Sure, the whole crackle hype didn’t appeal to me at all, I don’t know why, put I just let it pass. The Golden Jungle nail polish was instant love! I absolutely love the whole Golden Jungle collection though, the quints, the eye shadows, they are all fantastic!



So you get two bottles of nail polish. They each contain 10 ml and I paid 31 euro for the whole set, which is actually not that bad! The brushes are a bit different here, they are narrow and thin while the other nail polishes from Dior have the flat wide brush. I did wish they came with the flat wide brush, but I guess they made it thinner for more precise application.



Golden Jungle is a duo, one bottle contains a pale gold with a very shimmery finish. The first layer is quite sheer, but it’s perfect with the second layer. I love the brushed metal effect of this and the little sparkles. The second shade is a medium to dark khaki green. It has no shimmer or glitter. So this is the awesome thing about the duo, first you apply the pale golden nail polish, wait till it’s dry and then you apply a khaki layer over it. It starts to crackle quite fast and after a while you get this amazing crocodile leather effect!




I was so excited to try this on, I felt like a little kid again! Of course I had to show my boyfriend and he liked it too. Dior did a very smart thing with this nail polish duo. The crocodile leather effect is very sophisticated and the colour combination is simply stunning! You can also experiment with different layers, having them thick or thin, it all gives new possibilities! Also a lovely touch is the hint of the sparkles shining through the khaki layer, it’s just barely there, but it adds an extra dimension to the nail polish.



I absolutely recommend this lovely duo, it’s very different and it’s chic and sophisticated. If you love unique nail polishes, this one is a must-have!

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  1. it looks great! I can’t wait to try it. I bought this set yesterday :D
    it looks really sophisticated and pretty on you!

  2. Hi Terive,

    Ik ben een trouwe lezer van je blog en kijk uit naar het volgende…………
    I love you

  3. I love how you’ve presented this nail polish duo :)….I definitely want to try out this gorgeous manicure designs…I’m very excited….Thanks for the review…..

  4. Hi Terive,

    Your pictures are really artistic.
    I love very much your website.

    This jungle nail is very apart and chic.

  5. This one really is just amazing. Can’t stop looking at it.. Or wanting to buy it for that matter!

  6. De basis kleur vind ik wel heel mooi!

  7. Oh you finally got this! So pretty isn’t it? It looks even more gorgeous under direct sunlight. Have you tried the crackle with another base?

  8. Wow, that’s really unique!

  9. These are so gorgeous, it’s almost a shame to call them a “crackle” polish and lump them in with those other, tacky looking ones :P

  10. Ik vind de crack bij deze nagellak zo mooi om te zien, heel natuurlijk, niet zo een lelijke crack. :) Daarnast is de combinatie ook echt lovely!

  11. Leuk en verrassend.

  12. Heel leuk effect !
    Het is weer iets nieuw dan gewoon een crackle nagellakje

  13. Deze crackle vind ik nou echt mooi, geweldig wild jungle!

  14. Wow, heel erg mooi!

  15. This is SO going on my wish list! I’ve tried cracquelé polish before and it was a disaster. But this looks amazing.

  16. ik vind deze crackle wel erg pretty :D

  17. Glad to hear you love it too! I wish I could grow my nails out that long haha. It’s much easier to see the effect on yours :)

  18. Wat een prachtige combinatie! Ik was ook een beetje klaar met crackle, maar deze combi vind ik er chique!

  19. Wauw, wat een mooi effect! Ziet er erg stijlvol uit!

  20. Normaal gesproken hou ik niet zo van nagellak, maar dit ziet er wel echt heel bijzonder uit! Echt mooi gedaan!

  21. Ziet er echt hewl erg leuk yit zeg! :)

  22. Bij jou ziet het er erg mooi uit, jij hebt er absoluut de nagels voor! Zelf ben ik niet zo van de crackle, en ik heb tegenwoordig gel polish nagels…

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