You know I’m quite the fan of cream eye shadows, and we have some great products out there. I decided to write a little guide and share my experiences with the cream eye shadows that I currently own. Do not that I only write about my findings with the shades I own, the colours may vary in the same range when it comes to wear time, pigmentation and so on. I also included hybrid eye shadows such as the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill and the L’oreal Infaillible eye shadows.


Maybelline, Catrice, Benefit, Mac and Shiseido

First I will discuss the cream eye shadows: Maybelline Colour Tattoo, Benefit Creaseless Cream, Mac Paint pots, Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colour and Catrice Made To Stay. Let’s start with the facts: Maybelline Colour Tattoo contains 4.5 gram and goes for 10 euro, Catrice Made To Stay contains 5 grams and goes for 3.59 euro, Shiseido Shimmering Cream has 6 grams and goes for 26 euro, Mac Paint Pots has 5 grams and goes for 19 euro and finally the Benefit Creaseless Cream has 4.5 gram and goes for 19 euro.


upper: Catrice and Mac, middle: Maybelline, lower: Benefit and Shiseido

They all come in round glass jars except for the Shiseido eye shadow, that one comes in a transparent plastic round pot. They are all quite similar except for Catrice, the pot is smaller and higher which makes getting product annoying because it’s so deep. You need a brush with that one, unless you want product under your finger nails (it’s one of my pet peeves). As for consistency, the Benefir Creaseless Creams and the Maybelline Colour Tattoos feel very similar, creamy to the touch, but not too creamy. The Catrice Made To Stay is a bit drier and goes on a bit patchier. The Mac Paint Pots are drier too, but they melt because of the warmth of your fingers. The Shiseido Shimmering eye shadow is something special, it feels harder, but it’s the creamiest of all when you touch it, but only the surface, like it also melts by the touch of your fingers.


from top to bottom: Shiseido, Maybelline, Benefit, Mac, Catrice

Pigmentation is a bit tricky, it depends on the colour. The Maybelline Colour Tattoo score high, they are very true to pan, but I find that the glittery ones do have some issues with patchiness. The Catrice Made To Stay are nicely pigmented as well, except for Mauvie Star, which is quite sheer. They do suffer from uneven application though, it’s not too bad, but it’s worth mentioning. As for Mac Paint Pots, they are mostly used as a base, they do have decent pigmentation, but are a bit more sheer. Benefit is very similar to the Maybelline Colour Tattoos in finish and pigmentation. My winner is the Shiseido eye shadow though, the piogmentation is great, especially for a purple colour!



The finishes are all quite similar, except for Mac Paint Pot, it’s a bit more frosty and Shiseido is not as metallic looking, but has a more sophisticated shimmer. The staying power is the best when it comes to Maybelline Colour Tattoo, no one beats it! They all have a decent staying power of at least 6 hours, but Maybelline goes on and on. As for colour options in the range, Maybelline is a bit more unusual with the vibrant blue in it’s range, it lacks neutrals. Shiseido has a nice range with neutrals and a pop of brighter shades, Catrice has great neutrals, Mac has mostly base colours, but they do offer more shades in certain limited editions. Benefit has some great neutral shades too! My two favourites are definitely the Maybelline Colour Tattoos and the Shiseido Shimmering Eye Colour.

Colours swatched are:

Mac Rubenesque

Catrice Mauvie Star

Maybelline On and On Bronze

Shiseido Purple Dawn

Benefit Skinny Jeans


Chanel, Giorgio Armani, L’oreal

Moving on to hybrid eye shadows, these are not quite the cream eye shadows, but more inbetween. I’m talking about the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill, L’oreal Infaillible and Chanel Illusion D’ombre. These also come in round glass pots, but the L’oreal Infaillible comes in a square plastic pot. Giorgio Armani has 4 grams and goes for 30 euro, Chanel has 4 grams a goes for 26 euro and L’oreal has 3.5 grams and goes for 12.50 euro. Chanel Illusion D’ombres is different, while the two others feel very similar. Chanel has a bouncy, mousse feeling, while L’oreal and Giorgio Armani feels more like a pressed eyeshadow, but with a bit of bounce to it, it feels a lot drier though.


top: Chanel, bottom: L’oreal, Giorgio Armani

They all have a very shimmery finish, this is not for people wanting a subtle eye shadow look. Pigmentation is great too, and you can use them all three wet, it makes the colour more intense and it helps with the wear time. The wear time with L’oreal is tricky, I have trouble with creasing. People with oily eye lids might want to be cautious and you really do need a primer. Using these eye shadows wet helps with the wear time a lot, so you might want to try that. Application is great on all three, they are smooth and they blend out great.


from top to bottom: Giorgio Armani, L’oreal, Chanel

As for colour ranges, They all have a great range of neutral shades, Giorgio Armani has the most colours and the most complexes ones too, they are highly recommended if you want something extra special. Chanel and L’oreal are a bit more simple, although Chanel has a beautiful finish. I wished L’oreal stayed on better on me, but it does have some issues. My winner is Giorgio Armani, I know it’s quite expensive, but they have a wide range of shades and they are the most gorgeous complex shades I’ve ever seen!

Colours swatched are:

Giorgio Armani 14

Chanel Illusoire

L’oreal Flashback Silver/ Liquid Diamond



So bottom line is, if you are looking for a stunning shimmery shade go for a hybrid eye shadow, If you are looking for a great long lasting eye shadow with a slight metallic finish go for an cream eye shadow like Maybelline Colour Tattoo. If you want something less metallic, but more with a slight shimmer go for Shiseido. Hope this helps!

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