Today it’s time for some cute little nail polishes from Bourjois! One of them looks like a possible dupe of the famous Chanel Peridot, but is it as good? Bourjois brought two lines out: the Fashionshow à New York, these are very on trend shades and the Princesse à Vienne with glitters, pastels and soft shades. They both have 10 shades each.



The mini nail polishes come in cute round little bottles of 3 ml and they go for 2.99 euro which is a decent price, but slightly expensive for a drugstore brand though. They are wrapped in plastic and you have to tear the upper half of the cap in order to open it. Now this is something I personally don’t like because the plastic tends to rip and it looks cheap and messy which is a shame. The brush is a tiny little classic brush, it makes application a bit more tricky but it’s doable.



Violet Party or 90 is described as a duo chrome of purple and green. In all honesty I don’t see anything green in this. It does shift slightly to another purple shade, but that’s about it. Nonetheless it a gorgeous purple with a metallic finish. The consistency is good, the first layer was sheer but the second layer was perfect. It’s a really good purple nail polish, I find purple nail polishes often too sheer, but this one performs really good and it looks really great too! The purple has a slightly muted finish, which I really love!




Beetle Apparition or 87 is described as a modern scarab effect with gold and green. I absolutely love this shade, it’s a gorgeous duo chrome with a brushed metallic finish. The shade is like a bronzed gold that shifts to a jungle green. The consistency of this is good and the application was perfect, I actually only needed one layer for this, so the pigmentation is amazing! I know everyone is thinking the same question: is this a possible Peridot dupe? Well I do not own Peridot, so I can’t tell you. I compared it against Catrice ‘Genious in the Bottle’ and that one is definitely more on the bronze side while Beetle Apparition is more green.



I really love these cute nail polishes, they come in pretty colours and it’s great to try on some new shades in a little bottle so you don’t have to sit with a 10 ml bottle of a shade you don’t like. There are tons of Peridot dupes or lookalikes out there, I know, but this one is really amazing even if it’s not a perfect dupe! I love the formula of these nail polishes, they are pretty much flawless when it comes to that. I’m definitely going to buy some more now because come on, it’s 3 euro!

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