Neons seem to be hot this year and it took me a while to appreciate it. I think it’s most fun when it’s really summery weather, and the weather has been very weird this year. One of my favourite collection is the China Glaze Summer Neons, but it’s not easy to get hold of them here. I got the Sinful Color nail polishes instead and I bought the mini versions.



It’s not the first Sinful Color nail polish for me and the ones I already own are really good. You can buy them full sized or in a mini bottle of 5 ml for around 3 euro. They come in little cute round bottles and the brush is kinda small with the classic brush.



Rose Capri is a very bright almost yellow pink. For me this is kinda neon, it’s very very bright! It’s the perfect summer shade and it’s hard to not notice this colour on your hands! The formula is tricky though, I needed three layers because it is streaky, probably because the formula is rather thick. The finish is not glossy, I think it’s just creamy. I prefer to wear a glossy topcoat over this, because it looks even prettier with it. This shade is gorgeous on tanned skins, it will contrast greatly!




Dream on is a medium purple with a hint of pink. I was surprised when I saw this had a satin, semi mat finish. The formula of Dream On is perfect, the pigmentation is amazing and you need just two layers for a nice finish. It has no streakyness and it went on very even. The satin finish is really special, but if you prefer a glossy finish, just put on a glossy topcoat.



I adore both shades, my favourite one at the moment is Rose Capri, people even asked me what I was wearing on my nails, so yes, this is definitely a show stopper! The tiny brushes are not very handy, but if you buy the full sized version you get a bigger brush. The wear time is awesome! I find these kind of semi mat finishes very short wearing and they usually chip after a day, but these nail polishes lasted 6 days on me without a topcoat. I eventually had to remove it because I needed to swatch new nail polishes. Sinful Colors amazed me yet again with their long wearing nail polishes. Rose Capri is great but I wished the formula was less streaky!

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