I’ve been waiting for ages to get ‘Nemesis Number One’ from the Spiderman collection! I’m not a big fan of Spiderman himself, I mean he is a nice guy and all, but I love nail polishes more! The collection is a bit random for me , they chose some interesting shades, like a white shade, a frosty pink and a Chanel Peridot dupe (yet again). I don’t really feel the Spiderman vibe in this collection in all honesty, but that doesn’t mean that I did love ‘Number One Nemesis’. It’s a shade that you don’t see everywhere, so I needed this in my life!


OPI nail polishes come in a round bottle of 15 ml and they go for around 13.90 euro. I know back then I thought it was quite expensive, but I didn’t know you got 15 ml of nailpolish. Think of it like this: A L’oreal Colour Rich nail polish contains 5 ml of product and goes for 5.99 euro, OPI is actually cheaper, but it seems more expensive becaue you pay for more product. In a way small bottles are a bit deceptive, no? The OPI bottles come with a classic brush, they are quite big but super easy to work with.



Number One Nemesis is a very complex shade. The base colour is a medium warm grey with hints of green. The special thing about it are the grainy glitters, it’s so pretty! There are so many coloured flecks of red, green, silver, bronze, gold and even some blue. The colour is pure love, it’s a bit edgy, a bit rock and roll and a lot of sparkles! The consistency was a bit thin and I needed at least three layers for a good opaque coverage. I would recommend to use a dark base, the colours will stand out even more and you need less product that way too.



Because of the shimmers and all those colours going on there, it was extremely tricky to get it right on camera! I just can’t do this shade any justice, because it’s so much prettier in real life! It’s a very sparkly nail polish, but in a grown-up way. I heard some say it’s a Chanel Graphite dupe, I can’t vouch for that since I don’t own it. I have seen swatches and they are very close but not entirely the same. Nevertheless, this shade is amazing and a very nice and cheaper alternative too! ┬áThe Amazing Spiderman collection is out now, so go get a look because this shade is worth checking out!


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