Today a post for my fellow Belgian readers! I got the chance to test out some of the Delhaize skincare line, yes they have their own skin care products. The best part of this that they contain plant-based ingredients without any parabens. They all come at great prices, so it won’t hurt your wallet too much!

What I love about this natural line is the packaging, it’s really pretty and practical and the samples I got are tubes, no jars, so they are hygienic and handy.They have products for the face, like toners, cleansing milk, day creams and so on, but also body products like body lotion, soap, hand soap, shower gels and shampoo. Some are more for dry skin or hair.



First we have the Body Lotion. This is suitable for all skin types and has Aloe Vera and Olive oil. It comes in a big tube of 200 ml and goes for 2.30 euro. The consistency is a cream that is rather more liquid and it sinks into the skin very easy, leaving a very soft feel. It actually felt fresh and it has a very soft scent, a bit like some kind of baby powder? I like that the scent is not overwhelming. I’d say this is a great body cream for most people, it’s not heavy, it doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy feeling and it does a good job at moisturising. When I look at the ingredients I see shea butter, sunflower oil, olive oil and aloe vera leaf extract so great job on that!



Next up is the hand cream with aloe vera and citronella. It comes in a smaller tube of 75 ml and goes for 1.99 euro. The packaging is again very convenient and hygienic, big plus on that! The cream is slightly thicker than the body cream, so this makes it more appropiate for drier hands. The formula is great though, it’s not sticky and it gives your hands a soft and moisturised feel. The scent is fresh, but again very light. I’d honestly thought that I was not going to like the citronella scent, but they did a good job on it because the scent is not sharp, so it doesn’t irritate my nose. The ingredients are really nice, I see things like glycerin, sunflower oil, shea butter, castor oil, jojoba oil, citronella extract and aloe vera.



Then we have the shampoo for dry and damaged hair with oats and almond. This comes in a bottle of 200 ml and goes for 2.95 ml. The bottle comes with a screw on/off cap, something that I personally dislike in the shower, I prefer the click system, but hey, it’s 2.95euro, so I can’t nitpick on that. The consistency of this is a clear gel and it has a bit of a stronger small. I know this small, but I can’t remember from what. When I look at the ingredient I see that this is definitely for people with dry hair, it contains glycerin and extracts and oils like it said. This is great for people like me with dry and damaged ends!



Then as last we have the soap. It’s a bar soap of 100 grams and goes for 1.65 euro. It has the great smell of grapefruit! I usually use bar soap in the kitchen or the bathroom, I sometimes even clean my make-up brushes with bar soap, because you just have to swirl it around on the soap (I condition it too ofcourse).



I’m pleasantly surprised with these products, they are simple, contain lots of great ingredients, do not have too strong scents, come mostly in great packaging and do what they claim to do! They don’t contain parabens and silicones and mineral oils. They also are very very reasonably priced! You can find these products in your Delhaize store.

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  1. Leuk! Binnenkort eens gaan kijken in de Delhaize :)

  2. Ik kom vaak in Delhaize, maar deze kwam ik nog niet tegen! Prachtige verpakkingen alvast en de prijzen vallen goed mee :)

  3. De verpakkingen zien er al supertof uit! Heel natuurlijk. Ofzo.
    Ze klinken ook prima :D

  4. ze lijken me echt heerlijk

  5. hele mooie verpakking, erg aantrekkelijk :)

  6. Good to know Delhaize came out with a line that’s paraben-free! For this price I’m sure a lot of people would be buying them!

  7. Ziet er goed uit! En de prijs is super natuurlijk :)

  8. I won’t lie: when it comes to skincare and make-up, I’m a bit hesitant to resort to supermarket brands or household brands. It could be all in the mind but I just feel better knowing I’m putting something on my face or body that’s been produced by an “expert”. But it’s good to hear that the Care products are alright and do what they promise!

  9. It seems like a very nice line! Such a shame they don’t sell these products in the Netherlands!:)

  10. Heerlijke foto’s (gosh ik moet echt stoppen met dit te zeggen, haha!) en de producten lijken me ook best fijn ^^ Moet ik in m’n achterhoofd houden voor m’n eerstvolgende Delhaize-trip :D

  11. Looks great! Definitely need to try this! xoxo

  12. Lijken me fijne producten!

  13. Klinkt niet slecht. De handcrème zou ik wel es durven in mijn karretje gooien de volgende keer :p !

  14. Ik wist helemaal niet dat Delhaize eige skincare had ! Heel interessant, zeker omdat ze geen parabenen bevatten :)

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