Mac has been known for their nice lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes and brushes, but their mascaras weren’t very popular back in the days. Because of that I never tried their mascaras until now. Mac Zoom Waterfast Lash is a waterproof version of the Zoom Lash mascara.



Like all the Mac products this mascara comes in a very simple black packaging. I like that it is a mat black, because you don’t leave dirty finger prints on the tube. The mascara tube contains 8 gram of product and goes for 17 euro. ┬áIt comes out in one shade: Waterfast Black.



The brush is normally sized, and has medium sized thick bristles. I have to admit that I was a bit worrying about it, because the brush looked like it could get all clumpy and messy on me. It also has that typical mascara smell, but it’s not annoying and it’s not very strong either. The mascara itself is on the wet side, especially for a waterproof mascara. Most waterproof mascaras have a very dry consistency, which can make your lashes stiff and crunchy. But the Mac Zoom Waterfast Lash is more on the creamy side.



Mac Zoom Waterfast Lash promises curl and length for your lashes while also being waterproof and smudge proof up to 12 hours! My eye lashes are quite a challenge when it comes to mascaras and I have tried tons of them, but I never ever encountered a mascara that curled my lashes. I don’t think there is a mascara up to that task actually!



Now first of all, the brush is actually nice! I had some doubts about it, but it defines my lashes in a very natural way. The formula of this mascara is on the wet side. It holds curl if you use one coat, but after the third coat it starts to weigh the curl down. On my lashes this is definitely a very natural looking mascara, it lengthens, makes them a bit fuller and defines my lashes. You can see that there is a difference, but in a subtle way. As in terms of wear time, it holds up really well, but on the end of the day there is some smudging, but just a tiny bit though. It’s also definitely waterproof! The lashes do start to look messy if you apply more than three coats, so be a bit careful with that. I’d say this is a good mascara, especially for people looking for a waterproof mascara that doesn’t make your lashes feel stiff and crunchy!


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