When I was at The Big You I got introduced to the lovely Brand L’Occitane. A lot of people seem to love it, but I didn’t get around to discover it yet. Today I’m reviewing three products of the Verbana line. These are great for sunny weather, something that I’m not seeing here at the moment, but luckily we always have sunny destinations to go to. They all have a cooling function and have a citrus smell, which is very refreshing. The Sorbet Verbana is new and limited edition but the cooling hand cream is part of their permanent range.



I’ll start with my favourite product: the Body Ice Gel from the Verveine Sorbet range. It comes in a big bottle of 250 ml. The bottle itself is pretty, with a pastel green colour. Now what is this Body Ice Gel? It contains cooling agents such as lemon and mint oils. The scnet is very fresh and has a smell of lemons but in a good way. You know some lemon scents smell like toiletcleaner? Now this one isn’t like that at all because it has also other scents to it like the peppermint oil. The consistency is very light, it’s like a cream, but when you work it in your skin it’s more like a gel. It does what it claims, it’s very refreshing and I love the scent! It a bit like these colognes they use in warm countries to freshen up, but the scent is not too heavy. Because of the light texture it does contain a lot of alcohol. I see this more like a product to freshen up than a body moisturiser, so keep that in mind!



Next up is an interesting idea, a cooling hand cream. The Cooling Hand Cream Gel with organic verbana extract will instantly refresh and moisturise your hands leaving them soft and slightly powdered. Now this is a product I never saw before. I see hand creams as something to be used in the cold winter to moisturise your hands, so the idea of it to be cooling and using it during hot days is something new!  It comes in a 30 ml tube. The scnet is a bit sharper than the Verveine Sorbet, it has more of a lemon scent to it. It does what it claims, it’s very refreshing, leaving the hands with a clean feeling. I don’t notice anything powdery though, but that’s ok to be honest.  The cooling hand cream is more like a gel, very light! This cooling hand cream contains a lot of alcohol too, so again I’d only use this to freshen up.



The Cooling Gloss in Verveine Sorbet is something fun! It’s enriched with shea butter and gives a cooling sensation on the lips. It comes in a 15 ml tube, which is a lot! The gloss itself is slightly sticky with a light soft lemon scent with the freshness of peppermint. The gloss has no colour, but is just clear. Now I tried some lipglosses in the past which gave my lips a tingling sensation, but this is some serious business! When you apply it, you first notice a lemony scent and taste. Then after a few seconds it starts to tingle, but really tingle! Not in a burning way, but like you just brushed your teeth. It lasts a good while too! Most tingling lip products just work for a minute, but this works waaay longer! It eventually fades into a nice fresh sensation if that makes any sense.


from top to bottom: the cooling hand cream gel, the body ice gel, The cooling gloss

Overall I was a bit surprised about these products. I didn’t expect much of them, but I actually like them! They are really refreshing and the scent is great! The cooling hand gel is a bit of a special idea, but I think it’s really nice to have on you when you’re somewhere hot. These are definitely products to use when it’s warm because in the winter it’s just too cold. Another great thing is that they are not sticky at all! The last thing you want with hot weather is more stickyness, so they did a great job on the formula!

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