Oh Guerlain, is there anything that I don’t love about you? Guerlain is without a doubt one of my favourite high-end brands and especially their lip products are a must have! I’m a big fan of the Rouge G lipsticks and I thought it was time to explore the Rouge Automatiques.



The Rouge Automatiques are more practical when it comes to packaging. I love the Rouge G lipsticks, but let’s be honest, they are not the most easy lipstick to carry around and they feel quite heavy too (which feel luxurious but is a challenge to carry in your bag sometimes). The Rouge G still looks very classy and glamorous with their pale gold casing. I like the sliding system, you slide the lipstick out of the bullet, so there is no cap, a great thing for us girls that travel around! The Rouge Automatique lipsticks come in different colours and different finishes. They contain 3.5 grams of product and go for around 31 euro. The lipsticks have a very light floral scent, but it’s so light that you barely notice it (which is a great thing!).



Chamade is a medium to dark pink with a little bit of coral to it. The undertone is neutral to warm and the finish is creamy with a pretty sheen. Chamade is actually very close to Mac Ultra Darling, but Chamade is slightly darker and has more of a pink tone. The colour goes on very evenly and pigmented, but it has a bit of a sheerness to it. The results are juicy shiny lips! The lipstick feels light and comfortable on the lips. I’d say the difference between Ultra Darling and Chamade is mostly the formulas, Ultra Darling feels creamier and has more slip, while Chamade is glossier, more pigmented and lighter in texture.


So why did I buy Chamade if I already own a colour so similar? It’s because of the wear time. I love the Mac Sheen Supreme lipsticks because they are like lip butters, very creamy, moisturising and well pigmented. But the downside is the wear time, it wears like three hours because it’s so buttery. Chamade wears around 5 to 6 hours. I love the shade, it’s very wearable and it goes with a lot of eye looks, that’s why I wanted the shade in a longer wearing formula. It will come to no surprise that I’m head over heels with the Rouge Automatique, I actually can’t say anything bad about it! I even bought another one which I will review soon!



So if you want to splurge on a good lipstick, go look at the Guerlain Rouge G or Rouge Automatique, I promise you that you’ll not be disappointed!


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  1. I love them! En je hebt gelijk, je moet gewoon van dit merk houden!!!!

  2. I have yet to try Guerlain’s lipsticks! I must get my hands on them soon.

  3. I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to splurge for a Guerlain Rouge Automatique for a long time now. I have never really been that into lip products (mainly lipsticks–I usually just stick with tinted balms), but lately I’ve been experimenting a little bit. I love the look of all the shades I’ve seen and the packaging is SO luxe–but oooh the price tag…I could buy a nice blush (one of my bigger passions) for that!

    • Well, I think these are really worth it! If you like tinted lipbalms, these are definitely going to be nice because they feel really nice too and they have a light finish too!

  4. Teri, echt.. elke keer weer. Wat maak je toch een geweldige foto’s, zo scherp en zo pro. I like it girl! Het is niet alleen de verpakking die mij de das omdoet, maar ook de geweldige pictures. :)

    • Ooooh dank je! Ik probeer toch nog altijd mezelf te verbeteren, maar comments als de deze maken echt mijn dag!

  5. OMG you just can not NOT love this! Gorgeous packaging, gorgeous lipstick color and very nice texture as far as I can see –> LOVE! <3

  6. Prachtig! Die mooie finish doet het ‘m.

  7. Die kleur is mooi zeg! Net als die glossy finish!

  8. prachig om te zien! Ook al ben ik meer van koelere kleuren, ik vind hem mooi!

  9. Haha I was writing my Nahema review last night and I’m with you all the way! I never really liked lip products till I discovered these, and now there’s just no going back!

  10. Pretty!! In de verpakking dacht ik ook dat hij wat matter zou zijn, maar hij is erg mooi.

  11. Another lovely colour. It seems to me you can wear about any shade!

    • Oh no, I really can’t, lol. I just try to make it flattering somehow, but I’m lucky so far it seems. Just wait till I have to review a green or blue lipstick :p

  12. Did you put lipbalm over the lipstick on your lips? It looks so much shinier.
    The colour looks lovely on you!

    • Nope, I wasn’t wearing any lipbalm. I know the swatch looks more mat, but on the lips it’s definitely shiny!

  13. Gorgeous! It doesn’t look quite as matte on the lips as you’d expect, but I like the color a lot.

  14. die verpakking vind ik echt origineel :)

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