I’ve been a bit depressed with the weather lately, it has been such a let down this summer. It’s rainy, grey and cloudy. There was even a moment that I thought “that’s it, I’m putting the heat back on!”, in mid July! I demand sun, flip flops, light dresses, sunglasses and colourful nails, that’s all I want! Oh and a milkshake on the go please!



The Fall collections are all over the blogs, but for now I’m kinda ignoring them because I’m so not ready yet, I still need a summer! Well, at least my nails can make up for it a bit. L’oreal recently launched a really fun and colourful collection repromoting some of their¬†existing Color Riche nail polish shades, and some new ones too. Featuring in this post is one of my first yellow nail polishes, so read on to hear my verdict!



The Colour Riche nailpolish are highly attractive because of their convenient small size (a bottle contains 5 ml of nail polish) and the attractive price: 5.99 euro. It’s actually a very expensive drugstore nail polish, but I keep buying them nonetheless (they seem to mysteriously pop up in my shopping cart). The brush is one of the things that make them awesome, it’s large, flat and wide, even a rookie can paint their nails with them, maybe even my boyfriend!



Exotic Canaries is a warm light to medium yellow. Yellow nail polishes are a tricky thing, they are often very sheer, lack pigmentation and have tons of other issues. This one is not! It’s perfect, you only need two coats for pretty nails and the formula is just right! The finish is shiny. I like this shade of yellow too, most of the yellow shades seem to be lighter and cooler, but this shade has a warmer feel to it. Definitely a great yellow nail polish! It’s very reminiscent of the shades of bananas, don’t you think?



Lush Tangerine is a bright medium orange. It slightly reminds me of the shade of oranges (the fruit, not the colour). I’d say it’s neutral toned and it has a glossy finish. The formula is perfect again, not too gloopy or watery and without any streaks. It’s very pigmented too, you barely need a second layer. I know this sounds weird, but it’s a special shade of orange. My boyfriend would now interrupt me to say that all orange shades are the same, but it’s not! I can’t point it out exactly, but it’s less red toned or coral toned than the orange nail polishes that I own.



Santorini Lagoon is a medium blue with a slight tint of green, but just barely. It’s less bright than the blue polishes you see nowadays like Dior Saint Tropez. Nonetheless, it’s a very pretty shade. When it comes to formula and pigmentation this one performed the best out of three, I only used one layer! It has a shiny finish. I like the uniqueness of this shade, the green in it makes it different from all the blues. However, on the pictures it turned out very blue, and somehow the green faded. But trust me, there is definitely some green going on!


All three shades performed very well, and I was so pleased with them. The only thing I can fault about them is the slightly high price point, L’oreal seems to up their prices lately. I do love their colour range, it’s very simple, pretty and it performs well. I’d even dare to say that they might be my new favourite drugstore nail polishes!

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  1. Die blauwe is erg mooi!

  2. Mooie kleurtjes! Nummer 3 is mijn favoriet!

  3. such a beautiful pastel color.

  4. Oh, Santorini Lagoon looks lovely! It does remind me of Saint Tropez… Your nails are looking very well kept. Something I can’t do myself so I just chop it off. LOL!

  5. so pretty and fun!
    it is unfair l’oreal offers better and cutter packaging for Europe! ;-/

  6. I need some of these. I’ve been eyeing them forever, but I can’t decide which ones I want because there are too many pretty shades!

  7. Wat een in your face kleuren! Staan jou trouwens erg goed!

  8. Love the colours!! Although I wonder if the yellow and orange would look good with my skin tone. Blue is always good! Santorini Lagoon Blue shade is definitely in my list of wants now! :D

  9. OOOH! Ik wil die gele! Looks so pretty, want gele nagellak is inderdaad tricky. Je lakt je nagels trouwens supermooi, wou dat ik het ook zo kon!

  10. Wauw, de manier hoe je je eigen nagels hebt gelakt is gewoon mind-blowing! Het lijken net stickertjes die erop zijn geplakt. Exotic Canaries is echt mijn favoriet, hij knalt zo lekker, alhoewel blauw mijn hart ook heeft veroverd!

    • Ik vind ze beide ook heel leuk, goede smaak heb je weer ;). Je moet serieus eentje proberen, die kwastjes maken een wereld van verschil in aanbrengen!

  11. 3 of my favorite colors for nails! I love the look of these!

  12. Wow, these look amazing! Especially the yellow – yellows are usually so disappointing.

  13. Prachtige kleurtjes! <3

  14. hele leuke kleurtjes!

  15. I love Exotic Canaries, this is the kind of yellow I could wear!
    And I agree with you about fall collections, let us have a bright summer before releasing the smoky and dark shades, please!

  16. Prachtige kleurtjes, het gele is echt een mooi geel!

  17. Die blauwe vind ik mooi!

  18. De gele kleur is ook heel mooi! Zo’n donkerere gele kleur. Mooi!

  19. Not a big fan of the blue, but the yellow and especially the orange look great!

  20. die oranje is mijn favoriet :)

  21. Ah, de kleurtjes zijn allemaal zo tof! Doe mij die gele maar!

  22. die kleurtjes zijn zo zomers ^^ heel mooi!

  23. Wauw, supermooie nagellakjes! <3

  24. The yellow looks great, especially for a yellow nail polish!

  25. Mooie en gedurfde kleurtjes! Ik vind de Santorini Lagoon het mooiste!

  26. Santorini Lagoon has a very nice summery colour!

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