The Chanel Illusion D’ombres were a big hit when they got launched, but somehow I never got the appeal of them. I swatched them in the store and found them just too glittery. Because of one of their recent collections, the Les Expressions de Chanel , the Illusion D’Ombre caught my attention this time. Illusoire was immediate love at first sight. Because of my latest obsession with purples and cream eye shadows I needed to have this in my life!



Illusion D’ombre eyeshadows are not really the typical cream eye shadows. I don’t own anything like this. The texture is bouncy and creamy, but it’s not comparable to an cream eye shadow like the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. These are softer and creamier and the shades look more complex. I will do an comparison of eye shadow creams in the future because it’s really interesting to see them next to each other. The Illusion D’Ombre eye shadows come in a heavy glass jar with a black lid. It contains 4 grams of product (the same amount as a Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill or a Maybelline Colour Tattoo) and goes for around 26 euro.  You also get a little slanted synthetic brush with the product.



Illusoire is a a dark purple with a lot of shimmers. The purple has a strong gray silvery sheen because of the glitters. The glitters makes this shade very interesting and complex. You can see silver, purple, red and deep pink glitters. You can use the I’llusion D’ombre eyeshadows dry or wet. When it’s used drty the colour is a bit more sheer. When you use it when it becomes much more intense, the sparkles look more dense .I also find that application is easier when used wet. The eye shadow itself is very nicely pigmented and I’m very impressed with the minor fall out when you apply it. I barely had any fall out at all, and with an eyeshadow loaded with so much glitter like this it’s very impressive.



Before you start to panic about the glitters, let me tell you this: this is not a glittery hot mess, it’s glitter is a sophisticated way (it’s Chanel after all). I’d say it’s very close to the Armani Eyes to Kill, they have complex shades because of the different colours going on in their eyeshadows. Chanel does it one step back, a bit less complex but definitely as beautiful. What I like about Illusoire that it’s instant smokey eyes with one colour, the shade is interesting and complex enough to wear on it’s own and you can sheer it out or intensify it by using it wet and dry.



I tested it with and without a primer. With a primer the application is a little bit smoother, and the wear time is a few hours longer too. But on it’s own it holds up very well, it lasts for 8 hours on me and it barely creases. The colour is great on a lot of skin tones, this will look great on yellow toned skins because of the purple. Illusoire is a repromote in the Les Expressions de Chanel, but is also part of the permanent range.


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