The Chanel Illusion D’ombres were a big hit when they got launched, but somehow I never got the appeal of them. I swatched them in the store and found them just too glittery. Because of one of their recent collections, the Les Expressions de Chanel , the Illusion D’Ombre caught my attention this time. Illusoire was immediate love at first sight. Because of my latest obsession with purples and cream eye shadows I needed to have this in my life!



Illusion D’ombre eyeshadows are not really the typical cream eye shadows. I don’t own anything like this. The texture is bouncy and creamy, but it’s not comparable to an cream eye shadow like the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. These are softer and creamier and the shades look more complex. I will do an comparison of eye shadow creams in the future because it’s really interesting to see them next to each other. The Illusion D’Ombre eye shadows come in a heavy glass jar with a black lid. It contains 4 grams of product (the same amount as a Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill or a Maybelline Colour Tattoo) and goes for around 26 euro.  You also get a little slanted synthetic brush with the product.



Illusoire is a a dark purple with a lot of shimmers. The purple has a strong gray silvery sheen because of the glitters. The glitters makes this shade very interesting and complex. You can see silver, purple, red and deep pink glitters. You can use the I’llusion D’ombre eyeshadows dry or wet. When it’s used drty the colour is a bit more sheer. When you use it when it becomes much more intense, the sparkles look more dense .I also find that application is easier when used wet. The eye shadow itself is very nicely pigmented and I’m very impressed with the minor fall out when you apply it. I barely had any fall out at all, and with an eyeshadow loaded with so much glitter like this it’s very impressive.



Before you start to panic about the glitters, let me tell you this: this is not a glittery hot mess, it’s glitter is a sophisticated way (it’s Chanel after all). I’d say it’s very close to the Armani Eyes to Kill, they have complex shades because of the different colours going on in their eyeshadows. Chanel does it one step back, a bit less complex but definitely as beautiful. What I like about Illusoire that it’s instant smokey eyes with one colour, the shade is interesting and complex enough to wear on it’s own and you can sheer it out or intensify it by using it wet and dry.



I tested it with and without a primer. With a primer the application is a little bit smoother, and the wear time is a few hours longer too. But on it’s own it holds up very well, it lasts for 8 hours on me and it barely creases. The colour is great on a lot of skin tones, this will look great on yellow toned skins because of the purple. Illusoire is a repromote in the Les Expressions de Chanel, but is also part of the permanent range.


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  1. Hi how long do they last? Do they dry out quickly? I am considering getting more shades from previous season but, Thanks

    • The wear time depends on your skin. I have oily eye lids so everything wears a bit shorter on me.
      Also, I wear an eye primer.

      When used wet these last amazingly long, when used dry they last around 8 hours on me.

      I have no problems with them drying out tho!

  2. Hi!
    Found your blog today and love it!
    Wich lipstick did you wear on this article?

    From France.

    • Hi Chloé,

      Thank you so much fort loving my blog, it’s one of the main reasons why I love blogging ^^.

      If I remember correctly I was wearing a light layer of Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Chamade.
      Hope this helps!

  3. Wow, I must try this one, I only have Chanel’s glosses they are my favourite! I love the sparkled taupe colour of this shadow! It looks beautiful on you.

  4. Wauw, hij is echt super mooi!

  5. Whoaa too gorgeous! Love this one on you!

  6. This is the only one I have, mainly because of its complex shade. It creases on my oily lids without a primer though…oh, and it looks amazing as a base for Chanel Fauve. Your pictures are gorgeous! I had a hard time getting the shade to show up right on pictures ;-)

    I think it’s great that you’ve been featuring higher end stuff lately. Sure, there are other more affordable brands you can talk about, but I’m sure there are other blogs that do that too. I also love the Armani ETK posts. Lemmings!!

    • Too bad it creases on you, but yeah, I find these type of thing very personal! Yeah, taking pictures was so tricky, because it looks almost like a brown, shade, while it’s not! Well, I try to feature a big range of brands, but it’s a bit tricky sometimes, hehe ;). Thank you sooo much girl!

  7. Such a lovely shade! I’m not quite sold on these types of products, so I’m testing out one of the L’oréal Infallibles to see if it’s something I can get into.

    You look gorgeous — your skin is just flawless!

    • I’m really curious about your experience with the L’oreal Infallible es, I like them, but I do honestly prefer the ETK ones. The L’oreal ones are a great deal tho, you can already decide if you like the texture or not :). Thank you so much!

  8. I know that your blog focuses mostly on product available in Belgium, but I would love to see more ‘affordable’ products. Great deals and nice items for any budget. Lately I’ve only seen high end items; stuff I can get anywhere and find reviews off anytime. Also I would love to see more looks, hauls, picture blogs, tags and daily life kinda stuff. Your website feels to me like a database of high-end products instead of a fun blog.

    • I’m very aware that I post more about high-end lately. Scheduling posts is not easy tho, some are limited editions, others are new products, and those come first. For me it’s not so much about high-end and cheaper products, it’s more about what interests me and/or other people. There will be more posts about drugstore brands, more looks, tutorials and so on, but I also need to have the time for that.I’m not a professional blogger, far from it, so it’s a lot of my money going into the products and a lot of time too (not that I mind, I do love it). And about the data base feel of my blog, you are right on that part, I started a blog because I wanted some kind of data base for myself. Some things like daily stuff, certain personal things you will never see on this blog, it’s simply not why I blog. I do appreciate your feedback though, it’s always very interesting what other people think, so thank you for that :). I’m not sure where you’re from, but some brands like Catrice and Essence have a bit ‘meh’ collections lately, or it’s already sold out ;).

  9. Je eerste foto is zo posterwaardig, heb je nog geen telefoontje gekregen om als model te werken voor Chanel?! De oogschaduw klinkt echt geweldig, (bijna)geen fall-out wow en het kleurtje is erg mooi chique.

    • Haha, I wished ;p. De weinige fall-out is best impressive idd! Ik had er eerlijk gezegd wat schrik voor, hehe :).

  10. Wow–I love that it’s just a slight purpley-grey. It’s very, very lovely on you. I am with you though, I never truly got the appeal of these–same with the ETKs, if we’re being completely honest. I’m not sure why? But anyway, I just might have to swatch this shade in-stores to see how beautiful it is for myself.

    • I guess because it looks like more work or a possible mess, hehe ;). It’s perfectly fine though once you get the hang of it, you should try it out!

  11. How gorgeous, you look stunning doll xx

  12. Oehh, die is mooi!

  13. Prachtige foto’s en mooie kleur!!

  14. ‘t Staat je mooi! Leuke foto!

  15. Illusoire looks lovely on you! I agree with Arianne – it manages to look subtle and yet dramatic at the same time. Love!

  16. Waaauw, je ziet er supermooi uit!! Echt, je ooglook is heel mooi! Mooie kleur ook!

  17. Oelala! Het staat je ook echt gorgeous, vind het mooi hoe je hem aan de buitenkant hebt vervaagd, zo classy om te zien. :) De lipgloss erbij is ook stunning!

    • Dank je Cynthia, ik vond het best leuk om de look te maken, hehe :) De lipgloss is eigenlijk een Dior Addict Extreme lippenstift, mooi glanzend!

  18. SOOO pretty on you, Teri! What a great shade. Somehow it straddles the neutral/dramatic line. Gorgeous!

  19. Sooo pretty! I Love it! xoxo

  20. Pretty colour! I like it:)

  21. What a pretty smile! Mooie kleur, fantastich product. Staat je goed!

    • Haha, dank je :D. Ik vind het zo onwennig om daar zo breeduit te silen in je eentje tegen een camera, maar soms lukt het eens, hihi :)

  22. hele mooie kleur!

  23. Hele mooie kleur oogschaduw

  24. Oh I love the colour!

  25. I think it’s beautiful and it suits you well!

  26. Mooi! Donker maar toch heel zacht, heel geslaagd.

  27. Your make up is very well done and you look lovely.

  28. mooi kleurtje :) en leuk dat je eens lacht op de foto :D

  29. That is one beautiful colour!

  30. De textuur van deze oogschaduws lijken me ook heel apart! Ze lijken toch een beetje op die Infiliable (?) oogschaduws van L’Oreal?!
    Anyhow: de kleur is echt gorgeous, indeed! Paars staat je trouwens goed!

    • Ze zijn anders dan de L’oreal Infallibe, die lijken meer op de Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill (geweldig product trouwens). De Chanel oogschaduws zijn zachter en hebben bijna een mousse textuur, maar dan net niet!

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