Bourjois has been launching a lot of nice products lately and they re-released their Gloss Effet 3D lipglosses. They renewed the formula and packaging and launched the lipgloss in 8 fruity shades! The Bourjois lipglosses are one of my favourites, they are not drying at all and they come at a fair price point. I have several of the Bourjois Gloss Effet 3D and one Gloss Effet 3D Max . These glosses come in a 6.5 ml tube and go for around 11 euro.



The Bourjois Gloss Effet 3D has slightly changed in appearance. The shape of the tube is still the same, but it has no black tube anymore and it looks more simple now. They added pomegranate to the formula, which contains a lot of antioxidants so it’s good for the lips. While the previous formula had a more obvious sweet scent, this one is a bit less apparant, it has the same scent as the Bourjois Gloss Effet 3D now. The biggest improvement however is the applicator. The older version had a horrible plastic applicator and I found it very uneasy to work with. The new one is like the classic applicators, but it is a bit longer and thinner. It works great and I love that they changed it.



Rouge Sunny 18 is described as a bright red, inspired by the blood orange. To me it’s more of an warm, almost orange toned red in the tube with little silver glitters. On the lips however it looks brighter, just like they described it. It’s a very juicy pretty shade and I really like it because it’s a very safe red, not too much and great for people who are getting into red shades. The formula is very reminiscent of the Bourjois Gloss Effet 3D, but slightly thicker. It applies very well on the lips, and the gloss is nicely pigmented. It’s between light and medium coverage. It feels really comfortable on the lips and has a tacky feel. It’s definitely not sticky like the Mac lip glasses, but it is slightly sticky but in a good way.



I personally love the new shades they came up with, they are very wearable. Rouge Sunny is a shade that fits me perfectly and it has this juicy glossy shine, just lovely! Bourjois claims that these glosses wear for 8 hours, which is kinda crazy, because there is not gloss that can do that, even the Mac lipglasses don’t come close to 8 hours, so I find it a bit odd that they wanted to make that claim. They last quite good though, around 3 hours, which is good for a lipgloss. I think I prefer these glosses to the regular Gloss Effet 3D because of the applicator, it’s better than the brush form.


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