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Dry oils seem to be a popular product nowadays because I’ve seen brands releasing them everywhere. A dry oil is unlike a normal oil not greasy and gets absorbed in the skin faster. There are a lot of benefits with dry oils and I personally can’t live without them. Since I started using normal olive oil for my hair I experienced the huge differences it made for my dry ends. I started using dry oil and it’s even better!



Caudalie Huile Divine looks very luxurious in it’s fancy glass bottle. It has a wooden cap, a great detail if you ask me, because it gives the bottle a very chic look. It also has a very pretty grape detail on the back, which makes the whole bottle perfect. Yes, they did a good job on the design! The best part however is that this is a spray system. I have other oils and dry oils and the problem with most oils is the packaging. They mostly just come with a tiny little opening, so you have to hold the bottle upside down and that’s when it get’s messy. With the Caudalie Huile Divine you just spray it directly on your skin or on in your hand palms. It seems a silly detail, but trust me, it’s genius.



The Huile Divine contains 100 ml of dry oil and goes for around 24 euro, which is a fair price if you ask me. It’s meant to be used on the body, face and hair, so it’s a multi tasking product. When I read about the product it seems to be more like a dry oil with perfume. They really thought about the perfume, the top note is the rose, then there is grapefruit, pink pepper, cider and vanille.



Now let’s take a look at the ingredients, because that’s what it’s all about. The first ingredient is grape seed oil, then sesame seed oil, it contains a huge amount of fragrence, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, argan oil and vitamine E. So the dry oil contains mostly great ingredients, but also a lot of fragrance. The oil is very moisturising without being oily. It actually feels different than normal oil because this really sinks into your skin. The dry oil has an amazing fragrance, like all the Caudalie products really. It starts off like a warm grape scent, but changes into something more floral. When I use the Huile Divin I actually don’t need any perfume because the fragrance from the dry oil is already enough.



In all honesty I didn’t expected too much of the Huile Divine. Don’t get me wrong, the ingredients are great, but I was a little bit concerned about the amount of fragrance. So I was a bit worried that it would irritate my skin, because my skin doesn’t always react well on fragrances. Now let me tell you that I was dead wrong. This stuff is amazing! I love to use this on my skin, but I also tested this on my hair. I sprayed some oil in my hand palms, rubbed it a bit and applied it onto my hair. I used three sprays and it immediately gave my hair a very pretty shine. I left it in my hair for a bit, took a shower and let my hair dry. After that my hair was soft as in amazingly soft! I was all surprised about it because I didn’t expected it to be that good! I also use it after the shower on my dry ends. It sounds weird, but I just keep touching my hair all day long because it’s that soft (yes I know, it’s bad to touch your hair). So yeah, big fan of this, I will buy another bottle for sure when I run out of it!

You can find Caudalie in some pharmacies.


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  1. I just bought the serum, eye cream and day cream, same thing there, I love them!
    En die olie staat nu ook op mijn lijstje 🙂

  2. ooooh you got it! I was so jealous when Sunny did her review–I LOVE Caudalie products, and a dry oil Caudalie product is even better! 😛 All their products work amazingly well for my skin, so I can only imagine how great this little multitasker is! Definitely have to get my hands on it!

    • Oh gosh, you need this! It’s really good! My hair is loving it and my skin as well and the fragrance! Yeah, I bet you will love this stuff!

  3. Ziet eruit als een fijne olie voor je haar en huid!

    • Zeker! Ik vind ze voor beide goed, maar zeker mijn haar reageert er geweldig goed op, had het niet verwacht!

  4. Klinkt héél goed!

  5. I’ll have to try it on my hair again at some point. I’m pretty sure I was doing things wrong!

  6. Dat klinkt als een fijne olie!

  7. Is echt een trend de laatste tijd:D thnx for the review girl! xoxo

    • Idd, maar ik vind het eigenlijk juist fijn! In het begin was ik wat terughoudend, maar nu ben ik om, zeker proberen!

  8. Klinkt heel erg goed ! Een droge olie kan mij ook meer bekoren dan een gewone. Sinds ik olie gebruik voor mijn haar ziet het er ook altijd zoveel beter uit !

    • Oh wat leuk om te horen! Olie kan enorm goed helpen, zeker bij droge haar punten! En deze droge olie is wauw op haar!

  9. ja de laatste tijd is er echt een overload aan oliën

    • Mensen beginnen de voordelen ervan in te zien, en het is ook super in de zomer voor je huid, het geeft een mooie glans :).

  10. Afgaande van je beschrijving, de classy verpakking, de ingredientenlijst klinkt het als een echt wondermiddeltje =] en ik houd van zacht haar hebben!

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