The past few days we’ve been blessed with some great weather, something I’ve been looking forward every year. I’m not the kind of person that likes tropical heat, but I’m certainly not made for the freezing cold either. This weather is perfect to me, it’s not too hot, but it’s not too cold either. I can wear some summery clothes, eat ice cream and be outside the whole time! Today I’m showing you some of my favourite products that I like to use with great weather like these days!



First of all it’s very important to protect your skin. There’s nothing more annoying than getting a sunburn and it helps to prevent your skin from ageing as well. Two products that I love to use are the Corine de Farme Dry Oil with SPF30 and the Shiseido Extra Smooth Protection cream with SPF30. I love the dry oil because it’s very easy to use. You just spray it on and massage it in your skin. It helps with moisturising the skin and giving it a pretty glow as well. This is a chemical sunscreen and the scent smells like going on holiday. For my face I use the Shiseido cream, this is a physical sunscreen. I personally prefer using physical sunscreens on my face because it tends to react on chemical sunscreens in an irritating way. It does have a bit of the white cast thing going on, but I don’t mind it to be honest. Just make sure to protect your skin with this weather!



After a whole day being in the sun or doing stuff with warm weather I like to use something lightweight in the evening. The Caudalie SOS Quenching Serum is perfect for the job! It’s super lightweight, it moisturises the skin and it sinks right in. I like my skincare light and sober when it’s hot and when it comes to wearing make-up I definitely don’t feel like wearing foundation. Tinted moisturisers are my best friend, they give me a bit of coverage, they moisturise my skin and I don’t feel it on my face. The Paula’s Choice Barely There Sheer Matte Tint is my absolute favourite of all! It’s not shiny, it stays on whole day, it contains SPF20 and I just don’t feel it on my skin.



As for make-up, I tend to use more bright shades, especially orange and turquoise. The Essie Orange, It’s Obvious is one of my favourite nail polishes at the moment, it stays on for days and I love how bright it is! As for lips I tend to use more lip gloss instead of lipsticks. I love the Bourjois 3D Effect (here in Corail Idyllic)  for this because they are moisturising, they come in fun shades and they are so easy! On my eyes I love some pop of colour and the Catrice eyeshadow mono in Vanessa’s Paradise is just perfect. It has a good pigmentation going on, and I have a thing for turquoise at the moment.

So add some colour on your face, put on something fun and bright and enjoy the weather!



What are your favourites for the sunny weather?


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  1. I love your look! Superhandige tips & producten

  2. Lovely Colors and a very sexxééé pic;) xoxo

  3. Whoa you’re super mega hot in this picture! Glad to see you wearing some colors!!! My computer is acting all weird at the moment and I just got home from the wedding. I’ll try to log on to MSN tomorrow (praying to all the gods tonight that my computer is going to fix itself overnight) and tell you all about it! I’m happily tanned from the weekend wheee

  4. Mooie producten, je ooglook is echt stunning! De blauwe oogschaduw van Catrice is echt gorgeous om te zien. 🙂

    • Ja er komt best wat pigment vanaf! Bronze en turquoise zijn een combo die ik zo graag samen zie :).

  5. Fijne producten! Vooral dat serum van Caudalie! 🙂

  6. Leuke kleur jurkje!

  7. Ik vind de kleurtjes erg leuk die je voor je look hebt gebruikt!
    Je jurkje (?) trouwens ook! 😀

  8. LOVE Caudalie! I use the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum every other night and now that it’s warmer, I don’t feel the need to apply a separate moisturizer after, either. As for the Paula’s Choice tinted moisturizer, you really have me curious. None of her products have interested me before, but I am on the hunt for a light tinted moisturizer that truly keeps me matte all day. Might have to try this–do you have very oily skin Teri?

    • Yes I have very oily skin in the summer :(. The tm keeps me matte for around 7 hours, I need to blot a bit after that. I always use a loose powder on top tho, it really helps with setting everything. I love Paula’s Choice, it really improved my skin so much! But every skin is different, so it might be different on you!

  9. hele leuke zomerse producten!

  10. I was looking for some good physical sunscreens so I might take a look at shiseido. Does it have a greasy feeling?

  11. Mooie look weeral! Ahhh je bent toch zo’n mooi meisje Teri! Je kleedje ziet er ook heel leuk uit. Zonnemelk is ook een must hier!

  12. Zonnebrand mag ik écht niet vergeten, dan ga ik als tomaat door ‘t leven (of wel ja.. )! Ik vind je look trouwens echt gorgeous <3

  13. die essie nagellak is wonderful!


  14. Mooie look! Zonnebrandcrème en after-sun zjn echte musts voor mij (ik verbrand snel).

    • Oh ja, dan s het zeker iets dat je moet hebben! Niets erger dan s’nachts met een super jeukende verbrande huid te zitten 🙁

  15. Die look is echt heel leuk! Ik heb geen after-sun.. Moet ik toch echt ff kopen, want ik ben erg verbrand!

  16. Zonnebrandcreme, maar heb nog steeds geen favoriet gevonden en mijn zonnebril 🙂

    • Zonnecreme is idd tricky, ik heb er ook lang naar moeten zoeken, maar je zult het wel vinden! Een zonnebril is idd ook een must have!

  17. Zonnebrand! Ga er nooit zonder naar buiten.

  18. Waw, you’re so pretty :3 Wat ik doe als de zon schijnt is… binnen blijven. Ik haat de zon. :p

    • Haha, wel je bent iig slim, want de zon kan zo schadelijk zijn voor de huid. Ik ga ook nooit in de zon zitten, maar ik geniet wel enorm van het warmere weer! Dank je!

  19. Uuhm, zonnebrand en verder een verkoelende masker maar dat heb ik jammer genoeg niet meer >_<. Je ooglook is erg moo! 😮

  20. Ik hou ook van felle make-up kleuren met dit weer ^^

  21. I always wear my hear in a bun, I hate it when it whooshes into my face every now and then. Plus my neck can ventilate that way. I don’t use 30, I but stick to 20 expect for my hands were I do tend to use 30.

    • Yes, don’t forget the hands! Wearing your hair up is just so much better with the weather and it’s also perfect to wear lipgloss without getting it stuck to your lips every second, lol! :p

  22. een paardenstaart! al dat lang haar in m’n nek is veel te warm 🙂

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