Well yes, you are on the right blog, you’re not reading it wrong! I am a failed Asian stereo type, I’m not good at math and I’m not good at music, I ddn’t get all straight A’s and so on, but what I do love is Hello Kitty! I know I’m waaaay too old for Hello Kitty and anything cute, but hey I can’t help myself! Every time I see something super cute I start squealing! Yesterday I was in the Carrefour and I saw them! I saw them and wanted to take these babies home! My boyfriend said I was crazy, but hey, he tells me that all the time. They had like boxes of tissues and these ones in different patterns. I just quickly grabbed one before my bf could protest about it. They come in a package of 10 and were actually not that expensive, I think it’s the price of the average tissues. And hey, tissues come always in handy right? Just look at it, it’s soo adorable! And they smell like candy too, yes my inner child is very satisfied!



On another note, I’m having the worst of luck lately, first I had the most painful bladder infection and this past weekend when I finally managed to feel better I had the worst allergy break out. I couldn’t sleep, my body was on fire and was red and swollen and sore, so everything hurt! I went to the doctor and he gave me a shot so now I’m getting better! I’m very tired though because the allergy kept raging on all over my body, it was itching like crazy! So that’s the reason of my inconsistent writing lately, it feels terrible to me, but I could’t wear any make-up because my skin would just get even more irritated. I really hope that I’ll manage to make a decent post tomorrow because I miss it. In the meantime though enjoy the cuteness!


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