Shopping together with another make-up addict is not a good idea! Sunny and I were together in the Parfuma store and she kinda forced me into buying the Giorigo Armani Silk eye shadow (I swear that it exactly happened like this!). I have been wanting this eye shadow for months, but couldn’t get past the high price tag so I kept postponing it till now.

The Eyes To Kill eye shadows are something in between a mousse and a normal eye shadow. It’s very dry for a mousse and if you feel the texture it has a little bit bounce to it. The eye shadows are packaged in little glass jars of 4g and it goes for 30 euro (I know, it’s a lot!). The lid is just black with the names on it, so it’s very sober but sleek.



14 is a cool toned antique gold. It has black flecks in it, but once you swatch it, it transforms into an intense antique golden shade. To me it’s a unique shade, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. It contains a lot of very fine shimmers, and it gives this amazingly pretty sparkles. It’s definitely a very glamorous shade, because when you use this on your eyes, they look like a million bucks! I also love the pigmentation of this, just one swipe and you get full coverage on your eye lids. I also barely experienced fall out (luckily for me, because the amount of shimmer is crazy!) which is really nice for such a sparkly eye shadow.



The wear time is really good. I tested it out with a base (I always use a base or a primer) and it lasts a whole day on me without creasing. Application is very easy, I just used my finger and it goes on smoothly and even on my eye lids.



The Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill are often compared with the l’oreal Infallible eye shadows. I have both so I compared them a bit. First of all the packaging. I really disliked the packaging of the Infallible eye shadow, the Eyes To Kill really is better. The texture is also not quite the same. The Eyes To kill have more bounce, are more mousse like and the texture just looks different too. The Infallible one is finer, and very soft and more like a powder. As for finishes, they are very different, Eyes To Kill is far more intense, more pigmented and the shades are more complex too. The Infallible is pigmented as well, but not as intense and the shades are just simple. As for performance the Eyes To Kill wins big time on this, because they last and last on me, while I had troubles with wearing the Infallible eye shadow for a day. This is all based on my personal experience though, it can be different on someone else.



So the verdict is: This is an amazing eye shadow if you want to splurge, I’m very aware that it’s not for everyone. I’m so in love with the shimmers! Normally I tend to stay away from to much shimmer, but this is a different kinda of shimmer, like a fine intense super glam shimmer if that makes sense! I’d say go check them out, they come in various colours and you really need to see this finish for yourself, because it’s so hard to capture on photos!

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  1. Wauw, it looks amazingly well! I love it!

  2. ah, gorgeous!
    i must admit that i’d still wanna grab a couple of ETK no matter how many L’Oreal Infallibles i have.*sigh*

  3. OMG! Where did you get it? I’ve been looking for this color for months! I couldn’t find it even at Sephora’s french stores. This color is so amazing, I gotta have it!

  4. Prachtig gewoon Teri! En het staat je nog goed ook 🙂

  5. Zier er wel mooi uit! 🙂

  6. Mooie oogschaduw!
    Heb hem vorig weekend in de Armani store in Milaan gezien, maar niet gekocht.
    Nu heb ik al spijt 🙂

  7. Wat een prachtige kleur! Het staat je ook heel goed x

  8. This color looks amazing on you! I think it was worth the splurge 😉

  9. I love it. It is such a nice colour!

  10. Wauw, heel mooi!

  11. Wat cool dat ze in BE Armani verkopen! Deze is zo prachtig, heb veel goede dingen over eyes to kill gelezen ^^

  12. echt een mooie kleur zeg! 😀 Hij is inderdaad erg duur.. -daar koop ik liever kleding van, haha :’)-

  13. Parfuma is zo een zalige winkel … Heb laatst me nogal uitgeleefd bij Tom Ford, dus Armani wordt iets voor volgende maand … Over hun mascara’s heb ik ook veel goeds gehoord!

  14. Wat een prachtige kleur!

  15. Hoewel ik ‘m echt wel mooi vind, vind ik ‘m ook niet suuuuper bijzonder! Wel in het potje, maar niet op je ogen. Zal wel aan mij liggen, haha! Staat je goed hoor, begrijp me niet verkeerd! Maar ik denk niet; waaauw ofzo, haha

  16. Wauw heel mooie kleur!

  17. Oh, twee beautyaddicts in een mooie make-upwinkel is echt geen goed idee! xD Ze heeft je wel een hele gave oogschaduw opgedringt. It’s gorgeous, ook op je oogleden, amazing gecombineerd met je lippen. 🙂

  18. Pretty!!! Ik wil ook eens zo een oogschaduw maar net als bij jou houdt de prijs me tegen.

  19. Het staat je echt mooi! Ben fan van zulke kleuren.

  20. Prachtige kleur ! Ben al lang benieuwd naar de Armani foundations.

  21. Oh I so did not force you to buy it :p I just nicely reminded you of the fact that this shade is a) extremely unique and pretty and b) apparently very hard to find!

    Glad to hear you like it! I’m still playing with them, but I will probably rave about them soon haha

  22. Oooh woowww! Ik wil al zo lang een Armani product testen…Ze zien er echt zo goed uit en telkens die positieve recensies ook. Echt balen dat ze hier in NL niet verkrijgbaar zijn :(.

  23. Wauw! Lijkt een beetje op die L’Oreal dingen!

  24. die Sunny toch xD

  25. you’re gonna think I’m crazy, but it hasn’t got enough shimmer for me *woops*..But it does look great on you:) xoxo

  26. Maar hij staat je wel gorgeous!!

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