Yes, it’s that time of the month again, Catrice released a new collection. They are not like Mac with almost a collection every week, and the prices are much better too (my wallet is so grateful for that) but some of their limited editions do create quite a stir!

The Cruise Couture collection consists out of nail polishes, a mascara, a navy gel liner, an eyeshadowpalette, lipglosses, lipsticks, a blush and a bag. The collection is inspired by the Cote d’Azur, with colours such as navy, coral and pink. I got very lucky to discover the collection in my local Kruidvat and I bought all the pink shades. The blue shades didn’t really speak to me, or were shades that I already had. So I present you the pink side of the Cruise Couture collection!



The nail polishes come in the typical Catrice bottle, but the cap is silver with a very pretty print. Each shade contains 10 ml and a bottle goes for 2.49 euro. The brush is wide and flat and makes application in one stroke possible. Catrice nail polishes are usually quite good in formulation, but wear a bit shorter than the average nail polish.



Jetsetter is a bright warm pink with a hint of coral. It sometimes looks almost orange to me, but it’s most definitely a pink colour. It somehow reminded me a bit of Catrice ‘Meet Me at Coral Island’. I compaired them next to each other and Jetsetter has a strong pink tone going on, while Meet Me at Coral Island is a true coral shade. The consistency was good and the shade is very well pigmented. I only needed two coats for a nice even finish.




Welcome To Pink Tropez is a cool medium pink. It has a very subtle purple tone going on which makes this colour interesting. The formula was a little bit on the thicker side, but application was still smooth and effortless. This shade was opaque with two layers. It’s pinker than ‘Wrapped Around My Finger’ from Catrice, and I could not find a close dupe for it, so I’m quite satisfied.




Welcome To Pink Tropez is a lipgloss (yes I know this is the same name as the nail polish, but Catrice does that a lot with their LE, it’s quite confusing sometimes) in the moisture and shine formula. It means that the pigmentation is a bit more sheer, but it’s more moistuising with a glossy finish. The shade is like a mix of the two nail polishes. It’s like a neutral medium pink. It doesn’t contain any glitter and it gives the lips a nice hint of colour. It’s not super pigmented, but it’s not very sheer as well, it’s something inbetween. The lip gloss has a light vanilla scent , it feels light and comfortable on the lips and it wears for around 3 hours. The lipbrush is a bit different than the normal Catrice lipglosses. It’s softer and I quite like it. This lipgloss goes for 3.79 euro and contains 5 ml of product.






Mrs. Brightside is a Ultimate Shine lipstick, and is part of the normal collection. In the limited edition this lipstick comes with the print on the cap, but I already owned Mrs Brightside, so I’m reviewing it in the normal packaging. The come in a silver bullet and the formula of these lipsticks are supposed to be shiny and a bit more sheer. The lipstick is very soft, almost like butter. It has the subtle vanilla scent to it. Mrs Brightside is a lighter yellow pink with little shimmers. It’s barely noticeable, so you don’t have to worry about glitters around your mouth. It goes on smooth and it feels very soft. It’s medium pigmented and gives the lips a pretty shine. I never had a pink like this before, but I quite like it. It’s very summery and it brightens up my face. Because of the smooth texture and the slip, this lipstick wears a bit shorter, around 3-4 hours, depends what you eat and/or drink in the meantime.




Top: lipgloss in ‘welcome to pink tropez  Bottom: lipstick in ‘Mrs Brightside’

I’ve been looking forward to this collection, especially the gloss was something I wanted to try! I like every piece in the collection, but my favourites are the nail polishes. I don’t have that many pinks in my collection yet and these are right up my alley. It’s pink without going Barbie and it goes very well with my skin tone too! Are you picking up something from this collection?




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  1. Wat een leuke producten met die snoeperige kleurtjes! Misschien ga ik die lipstick wel kopen. Mooie foto’s!

  2. Ik heb ze vandaag zien liggen in het kruidvat, maar ik heb er niks van meegenomen. De lakjes die jij hebt vind ik wel mooi x

  3. ik heb ze nog steeds niet kunnen scoren >.< a.s. maandag weer een poging wagen!

  4. Mooi! Die eerste nagellak en die lipstick vind ik het mooist 😀

  5. Mooie make upjes!!

  6. Jetsetter is now on my wishlist! Heb nog nooit een Catrice lakje gehad maar hoor er wel goeds over!

  7. Eerst was ik van plan jetsetter ook te kopen, maar ik vond in de winkel dat de kleur zo fel leek… Dus heb ik maar andere lakjes gekocht

  8. hele mooie producten!
    heb deze le helaas nog niet kunnen vinden hier..

  9. Mooie spulletjes! Ik vind de nagellakjes wel heel mooi 🙂

  10. Prachtige kleuren! Nagellakje vind ik ook het mooist, maar ik ga hem toch niet kopen, te veel van zulke kleuren in mijn stash 😛

  11. Leuke producten! Vind het tweede nagellakje erg mooi!

  12. Mooie lakjes en lipstick!

  13. Zo leuk dat de lipgloss naar vanille ruikt, ik hou echt van de geur van vanille dan krijg ik gewoon zin om mijn lipgloss op te eten. (niet gedaan natuurlijk =] )

  14. jetsetter is mooi! Lipstick ook, maar voor mij denk ik weer iets te licht :”)

  15. I’m not blown away by this collection. All of the products are nice, but I miss a bit of wow-effect:) xoxo

  16. Wat een mooie producten!

  17. Jetsetter is mooi! ♥

  18. Die lipstick & die koraalkleurige nagellak zijn wishlist material <3

  19. Wat een mooie kleurtjes!

  20. Mooie heldere kleuren, prachtig voor in de zomer! Helemaal de nagellakken, die zien er echt gorgeoous uit. 🙂 De lipstick valt ook zeer goed in de smaak. Hij is vrij zacht, maar ziet er wel gorgeous uit. 🙂

  21. I love love love the pink nailpolish and your blue eyeliner!

  22. Oh de lakjes zijn wel mijn ding ! Hurray for Catrice !

  23. Wauw, die eerste nagellak is echt super mooi!

  24. Eee I like Jetsetter and Mrs. Brightside! You looks SO ridiculous good in these pictures!!! Love the fluttery lashes and THAT BLUE LINER!!! Wow!!!

  25. Jetsetter heb ik al kunnen scoren van de lakjes! 🙂 Die is echt heel erg mooi!

  26. Die lakjes zijn prachtig!

  27. Mooie kleuren zo bij elkaar. Ik ga denk ik even kijken voor de eerste nagellak!

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