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I thought it was time for a random non beauty related post again! Let’s see what I’ve been up to these last days, shall we :). Pictured above is the cat of my parents, Kroket. He is so demanding when it comes to petting, if he doesn’t get the attention he thinks he deserves he comes and gets it by meowing and scratching your sleeves, haha!



Me and the boyfriend celebrated Easter at my parent’s house, and my mom really made a lovely diner for us, at the end of the day we were all stuffed with chocolate!



Nubis sitting on the lap of my boyfriend and enjoying the sun. He kinda worships the boyfriend, it’s like those two are glued together!



I’ve hit 200 followers that week too, so happy, yay! Thanks a lot guys, you have no idea how much it means to me that you are visiting this blog! Every time I think about it I feel so humbled!



Making colourful looks means pink stained brushes apparently!



On April 10th it was my boyfriends birthday, which means a big cake for him!  Next week it’s my birthday too, so that means more cake! I already hinted that I want a big yummy chocolate cake.



After fiddling around with the facebook page for aaages (there was a weird error which prevented me to make a page) BellaChique has finally a facebook page! Go like it and I will love you for that!



The press days were fun but also exhausting. I had a chance to meet loads of new people and after a day of walking around, listening and taking pictures I came home with some goodiebags. Reviews are coming up!



Two of my favourite recent purchases, a sheer and really pretty, fun blouse from the H&M Concious Collection and a white lace dress from Pull&Bear. Now I’m waiting for some sunny weather so I get the chance to wear them.



I went to Ikea with my dad and my sister to buy a kitchen for my brother. That was one hell of an experience! If you buy a kitchen there, you apparently have to collect the whole thing yourself. The result is having to go through a lot of aisles and ending up with 100 different sized boxes! Ikea has some really nice and cheap scented candles. They come in different fragrances and they really smell good! I just had to take some with me.



I finally managed to take a picture of Isis, my little baby dog! Look at her cute big doggy eyes! She is the most social and happiest little dog around! I know you can’t really tell but she is a chihuahua. She doesn’t really look like one because of her hanging ears, though. She s my little assistant, always helping me when I write my articles!


This is a bit of a dreading sight to me, this is my ‘to review’ box and it’s over flooding at the moment! I have loads of nail polishes to review.. Usually, to keep some variation in my posts, I try to limit it at one nail polish post a week, but I’m afraid I will have to do more!

And that’s it for now folks! How are you doing on this Sunday? I planned nothing and am going to do nothing too!

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