Are you ready for another round of press days? This time it was in Brussels and we weren’t really having the greatest weather, in fact it was even thundering at times!. I went with Phil and Sunny and we really had to make a run for it!

This post is mostly about the pictures, so sit back and enjoy!

Our first stop was at Pure. We came in as wet dogs (although I really hope we didn’t smelled like wet dogs, that would be bad!) and we were friendly greeted by Tom. The setting was nice and comforting, there was a large table filled with food and drinks. We immediately got a tour around the room by Tom.



Bumble and bumble has a line specially formulated to prevent colour washout while making your hair look more lustre. What I’m really excited about is that it’s sulfate free, It’s so hard to find sulfate free haircare, so this is great news!



I’ve been obsessed with scented candles lately, so this was really nice to sniff! Mizensir has a private collection of eight scents in order to celebrate their ten year anniversary. This is a limited edition. I really loved the smell of this scent, it was very flowery to me.



Laura Mercier has some great products, I think I’m more familiar with their cosmetic range than their skincare range, but I took a sniff and tested it out on my hands and it’s so soft and nice too! I definitely want to look into their skincare range now.



I think this is the first time I saw the Deborah Lipmann nail polishes in person, I’ve been eyeing some shades for a while now, so it was really nice to see them today! They come out with a range of magnetic nailpolishes and Tom already demonstrated it on his hand, I really loved the shade!



Isn’t this a beauty? It’s the shade ‘Ray of Light’ and it’s in a dark blue base with some gorgeous flakies!



I swooned over these Tom Ford lipsticks, I really love the masculine vibe going on in the packaging, it’s really has  ‘Tom Ford’ written all over it. I also swatched it, and wow, they are amazingly pigmented and creamy, I bet this is just divine on the lips! I’m so in love with this shade too, it’s  screaming ‘buy me, buy me’ to me, haha!


Annayake is a brand I didn’t had the chance to test out yet, but I love the idea behind it. It’s a Japanese brand and it’s based on science and cutting edge-techniques which is no big surprise because they are from Japan. It sounds really promising to me!

Another brand I was really interested in is Naturelle d’Orient. The brand is all about organic Argan oil, an ingredient that became very popular because of it’s amazing moisturising and anti-aging  properties. I took a peek at the ingredients and I can say that this is some serious stuff, it actually contains mostly Argan oil so I need this stuff right now!

Decléor is a brand that carries quite a large skincare range. They have been here a while already (for 35 years!) and they are specialised in cosmetic aroma therapy. They started out as quite an interesting team, like scientists, a docter, an aroma therapist and even an shiatsu teacher! Now that’s something you don’t hear everyday, right?

The OPI Holland collection, I really think they should make a Belgian version too, don’t you agree? I especially love the bright colours, it’s all about tulips. I can’t wait for the next collections too!

I sure got to know a lot of new brands that day because here is Etro with their fragrance ‘Paisley’. I already love the packaging on it’s own, but the fragrance was really nice too. It is described as mysterious, full of promise and as profound and changeable as the mood of a woman, well, I’m already sold on that!

I finally got the chance to see some Sampar products, I adore the light pink packaging. One of their popular products is the Glamour shot Eyes, it definitely sparked my interest. It’s a product that you use under your eyes and helps you with erasing dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines. I received a Sampar toner (this is great because my current toner is almost out) and I’ll keep you updated about how it goes. The ingredients definitely looks good!

I want to thank Tom and Stijn for the lovely time we had there, it was so nice meeting you and your cat (yeah I think Poes kinda stole the show there at the end) and good luck with moving house!

Next stop was Tan-Dem. We were a bit more lucky this time because it didn’t rain so much as before. I was really impressed with the brands they represented, such as Tom Ford Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, Jo Malone London and La Mer.

La Mer is coming out with a World Oceans Day Edition of their famous Creme De La Mer cream. La Mer donates the money to Oceana, an international organisation that protects the world’s oceans.

Jo Malone is a brand that recently came to Belgium and is known for their fragrances. I had the chance to take a sniff and they really are very special. I also love that they have scented candles en soaps. This is a brand about luxury and indulge yourself with amazing scents!

I finally got to see some Bobbi Brown, you can find it in Brussel and I really really want to try out some products. You can see the famous gel liner, I have heard so many great things about this! If you don’t own a gel liner yet, you must try it because it lasts for ages on you! I also was very interested in the lipsticks, I really love their creamy finishes and  the shades they have. I also smelled it and they don’t have a scent, which is a big plus for me.

Thank you Karen for introducing us to your lovely brands! They certainly look gorgeous! It was so nice meeting the people from Tan-Dem too!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this, I was sooo tired when I came home. Today will be a bit of a relaxing day for me, yay!

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  1. Damn, Ray of Light!

  2. Prachtige producten!

  3. Ah, Deborah Lippmann ! 🙂 Ray of light ziet er prachtig uit.

  4. Leuk om zo een keer te zien hoe het er aan toe gaat!
    En de foto’s zijn weer prachtig, hebbe hebbe hebbe 😉
    Ik ben benieuwd naar de Glamour Shot Eyes en de toner van Sampar.

  5. wauw, mooie foto’s! en omg, die tom ford lipsticks zien er zo mooi uit zeg!♥

  6. Wat een mooie producten en foto’s weer 🙂

  7. Zag er super uit! En damn, uw foto’s he! ö

    • Het was ook echt heel leuk, buiten de regen dan, haha! Fotos trekken on the go vind ik zelf een enorme uitdaging omdat ik het niet gewend ben, dus super lief je compliment! <3

  8. Dat ziet er allemaal zalig uit! Voor mij graag een mega shoppingbudget 😉

  9. OMG ik wil alles :d ! En als ik moet kiezen, de Tom Ford lipsticks, Laura Mercier, Sampar producten, oui oui oui !

  10. Hele mooie producten, echt snoepjes!

  11. Haha, I heard that Tom Ford lipstick scream too, totally :p

  12. Very Lovely Products! xoxo

  13. ray of light ziet er echt prachtig uit!

  14. Ooh wooww, wat verkopen ze voor mooie merken bij jullie. Bobbi, Laura, beiden super… En dan ook nog eens Tom Ford, die is hier niet verkrijgbaar 🙁

    • Ja het mag wel eens, in Belgie zijn er best wel wat merken moeilijk verkrijgbaar! Als je ooit naar Belgie gaat zeker Tom Ford eens checken, de parfums zijn ook uitzonderlijk!

  15. Hele mooie producten allemaal!

  16. die tom ford lipsticks zien er echt heel leuk uit 😀

    • Die zijn pure luxe! Ik was echt helemaal weg van de textuur en pigmentatie, dat is nog eens pigmentatie zeg!

  17. Wat een prachtige producten!

  18. Ahahaha werd echt een beetje duizelig van die bumble and bumble verpakking 😛 Ik ben het helemaal eens met je dat t een big plus is als t geen geur heeft; ik heb ooit eens die catrice gelliner gehad.. Het rook echt heel chemisch, nooit meer gebruikt dus.. Ben erg benieuwd naar die bobbi brown gel liner (:

    • Oei, dat is zeker heel onaangenaam! k ben nogal gevoelig voor geuren, en als ik het niet verdraag dan kan ik het dus ook niet gebruiken! Ik ben zelf ook enorm benieuwd naar de gel liner!

  19. Oeh ik zie er leuke dingen tussen zeg! Prachtige foto’s heb je ook gemaakt 🙂

    • Ja het waren echt pareltjes die producten :). Dank je zeg, het is niet altijd even makkelijk voor mij om fotos te trekken!

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