from left to right: we are all bright, brightsmates, it’s two bright, my best nude friends and me

Today I’m reviewing the Essence Season of Extreme trend edition that finally came out in my local Kruidvat. I’m not sure about the other Kruidvats, but the one I always go to seems to run a bit behind with the LE of Essence.

The Season of Extremes collection contains both bright and neutral colours. It’s all about nail polish and they come in two forms, the normal nail polish which comes in eight shades and the colour³ nailpolishes which come in 6 shades. I bought four of the colour³ shades, because I heard the other nail polishes had a poor colour pay off. The bright colours really appealed to me, but the neutrals couldn’t really excite me much (personal taste). I have tried the colour³ nail polishes before and I really loved them. They contain two nailpolishes, each 4ml and you can mix and match them as you like. They go for 2.79 euro.

It’s Two Bright really reminded of Ikea, when I first saw it I really thought it was a very odd combo, but it’s actually a really pretty but unusual combo (at least for me). The base colour is a medium cool toned blue without any shimmers or glitters. The formula is perfect, it goes on amazingly opaque, and I used a second layer for optimal coverage. The topcoat has a yellow base, but you don’t see it once it’s layered over the base colour. The glitters are little red glass flecks. I would never think of combining blue and red but it really works!


Next up Is Brightsmates. The base colour is something I didn’t expected, it goes on quite jelly like and is very sheer, I needed at least 4 layers and it dries down in a semi-matte finish. It’s a bright pink colour. The topcoat has an orange base, and layered on top of the base colour you can see an orange hue, it also makes the pink base look more like a red shade. The topcoat contains tiny little pink and silver glass flecks and the effect is not as contrasting as the previous combo. I like this combo, but am a little disappointed by the sheerness of the base coat.



My Best Nude Friends and Me (what a strange name btw) is the only neutral combination I bought. The base colour is a beige almost light brown shade with little multi coloured shimmers in them, they are very subtle, but you can definitely see them, which makes this shade more interesting. I needed two layers for an even coverage and the consistency was just fine. I’m usually not the biggest fan of these kind of browns, but with the topcoat it changes into an unexpectedly pretty combination. The topcoat has bigger multi coloured shimmers, still small, but more apparent than the base shimmers.They flash green, red and silver and is really pretty to look at! You need to see this with your own eyes, because the shimmers are really tricky to photograph!



Last but not least is ‘We Are All Bright’. The base colour is a green that I didn’t have in my collection yet. It’s a creamy medium toned neutral green. I found the consistency of this one tricky, it went on streaky and it was a bit too gloopy. Luckily it dried down ok, but it was my least favourite shade to work with. The topcoat is a pale base with light purple glitters. Layered on the base colour it really looks pretty and again a combination I wouldn’t think of myself. It almost looks like the green is glowing, right?



Overall, I really love the little glass flecks they used as glitters, I prefer them over normal glitter because they have more depth and add dimension. The topcoats are the most fun to combine with other shades, but the base colours are not bad either. I chose shades that I didn’t have in my still growing nail polish collection and I really like it. The wear time on these vary because the formulas differ so I can’t really say how long they wear. You can find this collection ( in Belgium that is, I think the other countries already moved onto the next LE) in Kruidvat.

I really hope you like it, because when I was swatching these I was kind of suffocating of all the nail polish stank, I suffered for this! :p


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