A question that people ask me often is ‘what camera do you use’ and ‘what equipment do you use’. So this is a post for all those who have been asking!

First of all, I never got any photography lessons, everything is self taught. Before I started blogging I was really into portrait photography but nothing serious. When I eventually started blogging I needed to switch to mostly product photography. I didn’t know anything about it and I experimented a lot with different lightning and set-ups as you can see from my first posts. I’m still learning new things everyday so it’s a work in progress.

I take all of my photographs in a little room. It’s kind of a multi functional room where I also keep my clothes and shoes, so yeah you can see some clothes and shoes in the background, my apologies for that!



The camera I use is a Canon Eos 30D. It’s not available any more but the better equivalent is the Canon Eos 60D. This camera body has been my buddy for over 7 years already! It’s a very easy camera to use and the reason why I chose it over the Canon Eos 350D at that time is because this is a very sturdy body and I’m the kind of person who is very sloppy with stuff. The lens that I use with it is the Sigma 18-50mm f2.8. I chose this lens because of the f2.8 (which I sometimes really need!) and 18-50 mm is just perfect for what I needed at that time. I also have other lenses, but I actually use this one all the time. I always work on manual settings, I hate presets. I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to that but I want to choose my own settings!

As for lightning I work with flash. I prefer these because they are wireless so you are not limited by the cords. I use two flashes: the Canon Speedlite 580 EXII and the Yongnuo Manual Flash III. The big difference between the two is the price, the Canon one is like 400-500 euro and the Yongnuo is like 90 euro. You can use the Canon Speedlite on your camera, the Yognuo is only suitable as a loose flash (you can use it on your camera if you really want, but it acts unpredictable). I use the Phottix wireless flash triggers with 3 receivers, one extra because I tend to loose everything!




On the Canon Speedlight I use a softbox, the Micnove 60 cm one, it’s big enough for what I need. You have a lot of different softboxes out there, just pick one you like! I love the sofbox for a soft even light, it’s great for portraits.




On the Yongnuo flash I use an umbrella of 90 cm in the white colour, it has also a silver colour, but I find the lightning too harsh. The umbrella is a must-have really, you can achieve different sorts of lightning with it and I love it for bringing in a lot of light in my pictures.



I use an old studio strobe for continues light and backlight, I have no idea what brand it is because I got it from a photographer.



And here you can see the set-up, as you may have noticed I use two different backgrounds, a white and a black one. I made a little tower of shoe boxes and on top of that is a white piece of  Styrofoam. I also use the Styrofoam as a reflector for my self-portraits.



Here you can see my drawer that I use as a dark background for my pictures. Sorry for the mess!



This is my trusty tripod, nothing fancy though! I only use it for self portraits, all the other photos are just made the normal way.

Now I got some exciting news because I am getting a new camera body! The one I’m using now is getting too old and is showing signs of old age like not working when it is supposed to work. I’m really looking forward to buy a new one but on the other hand I feel really sad to leave my old buddy. She is going to be with me for a while though and I’ll never forget her ofcourse!

I really hope this was a bit useful for some of you out there, I tried to keep it simple and sweet! Photography is not that hard, you need to know the basics and once you know them it’s all about experimenting and finding your own style. I know a lot of amazing photographers with basic knowledge of photography or started out very simple. Just try out loads of stuff and experiment!




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  1. Hi, let me know if you sell any second hand photography stuff. My brother needs some extras for his project in school.

    Nice setting you got there, to begin from scratch doesn’t seem easy to me…I guess you’ve gained lot of experience through out the years =). Chapeau!

    Greetings Linda

  2. very informatived and interesting, thanks! may i ask aproximately how much all those products mentioned cost in total? also, what camera would you recommend that also has nice video capabilities but “reasonably” priced. p.s. i found your blog via your friend sunny’s blog. cheers!

    • Hmm, I have no idea, I think around a good 2000 euros? It sounds like a lot of money but keep in mind that I all bought this over the last 6 years! I don’t have a lot of knowledge about a lot of cameras tbh, it also depends on what camera you want! Do you want like a point and shoot or a dslr? Oh and Sunny is the best!

  3. holy…:D Ik snap wel waarom al je foto’s altijd zo goed belicht zijn nu haha. Echt toffe spullen! Ben zelfs een beetje jaloers eigenlijk haha.

  4. Leuk om te zien! Je bent er tochwel professioneel mee bezig!

  5. Looking good~~ Ik ga binnenkort ook een Canon halen 😀

  6. Wow wat professioneel, nu snap ik waarom jou foto’s er altijd zo goed uitzien! Wel knap dat je daar allemaal mee kan werken! 🙂


  7. Nice Teri!
    Ben zelf al een tijdje op zoek naar een goede softbox en lampen, this helps! 🙂

  8. Oh wow Teri, UBER professional!!! One of these days I’m going to get a fancy umbrella thingy haha. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Nu snap ik hoe je van die prachtige ooglook foto’s maakt! 😀
    En die krultang heb ik ook 😛

  10. Leuk om te zien! Nu snap ik hoe je aan je mooie foto’s komt haha!

  11. Je maakt ook echt geweldige pictures hoor! Leuk om te zien, even een kijkje achter de schermen. 😀 Haha, een hele stelling xD Zelf moest ik dat ook doen voor het filmen. :’)

  12. Leuk om te zien! Jouw foto’s zijn altijd zo mooi, nu weet ik waarom 😉

  13. Amaaai chique dinges :p Nu ik je foto hier zo zie, herken ik je. We hebben naast elkaar gelopen en toch niet met elkaar gesproken. Ik voel mij nu zo’n onbeleefderik :p

  14. Dit verklaart veel!:D

  15. Wauw, mooi gerief heb je ! Je foto’s zijn echt altijd heel erg mooi.

  16. heel tof materiaal! Ik wil zelf ook nog graag wat kopen om m’n speedlite draadloos te kunnen gebruiken (en een macrolens en een softbox en een grotere cameratas en een reflectiescherm en .. oh nog zoveel!)

  17. heel erg professioneel allemaal 🙂

  18. Finally, she reveals the secret behind her superamazing pics! 😀 Erg leuk om te zien, en handige tips!

  19. Dus dit is jou geheim, haha! Je hebt echt prachtige spullen zeg. Jeetje, ik ben jaloers!

  20. Wauw, wat leuk om te zien. En wat ziet het er proffessioneel uit!

  21. Wooow, so much equipment, very professional! xoxo

  22. Erg leuk artikel om te zien 🙂

  23. Wauw, erg proffessioneel! Wil zelf over een tijdje ook nog een professionele camera kopen!

  24. Ziet er professioneel uit!

  25. Wow dat is professioneel zeg! Ik gebruik gewoon mn iPhony haha 😉

  26. wat gaaf! ik wil nog altijd een spiegelreflexcamera kopen, ik zal Canon dan ook zeker onthouden. Het enige wat me nu nog tegenhoudt is natuurlijk de prijs 😛 Ben benieuwd welke camera je nu gaat kiezen!

  27. wooow, dat ziet er best wel pro uit! 🙂 en 7 jaar dezelfde camera o.o

  28. Wauw, dat ziet er heel professioneel uit! Zelf gebruik ik een Canon 400D, met de standaard lens 🙂 De setting is bij mij ook helemaal niet zo professioneel 😀 Ik fotografeer meestal in de tuin in het gras of op andere egale ondergronden.

  29. Wow, that is a lot of equipment!

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