Today was a really exciting day, because I met Sunny and Phil and it was the first time I ever met some fellow bloggers. I always get a bit overwhelmed and silent when I meet new people and I had to speak English, something I’m not used to. Yes I write in English, but speaking English is a whole other level for me. I really hope they understood me, lol. Luckily Sunny chatted for five people! We visited some really nice shops and I never saw so many creams, lotions and skin care in a day before!



At the end of the day we went to the Caudalie press event, to see the latest additions of the skincare line. I wasn’t very familiar with Caudalie, but boy do they have some very nice smelling products! The PR ladies were really very sweet and I also saw some fellow bloggers! Sorry if I was a bit quiet, I was sooo shy! When I came home I realised I totally forgot to take pictures of Sunny and Phil, doh!

I can’t believe I never discovered Caudelie before, because they have such nice products. I also love their packaging, they don’t use any jars, because it’s not a very efficient way to keep skin care products in. They don’t use any parabens or mineral oil and the packaging is from recycled plastic, isn’t that nice! I find it a very affordable brand with good products, some nice philosophy behind the brand and amazing scents!

Caudalia is bringing out a new line called Vinosource. This range exists of five products. The SOS Thirst Quenching serum, Moisturising Sorbet and Moisturising Matifying Fluid contain Eau de Raisin. It’s not just water, but rainwater filtered from the earth and harvested from grapes. Eau de Raisin contains ingredients such as vitamin C and intelligent sugars.

I got three products to review and I’m giving you a bit of a peek. In order to know if a product works for me I need some time to test it out.



The SOS Thirst Quenching serum is suitable for all skin types and hydrates the skin very intensely. It’s made of 97% natural ingredients, so it’s very nice for people who are seeking a natural skin care serum. This serum contains Eau de Raisin,Vinolevure (an ingredient harvested from grape yeast that is able to carry a 100 times its own volume), hyaluronic  acid, and squalane out of olives. This formula is oil-free. The serum comes in a little clear  glass jar with a pump, something I really love. The consistency is very liquidy and super light. It also gets absorbed in the skin very fast and the smell is so fresh and clean, I love it! I can see that this serum could be very suitable for various skin types even oily ones because of the light texture. You get 30 ml of product and it will cost around 27.85 euro.



The Moisturising Sorbet suitable for sensitive and young skin. It’s also made of almost all natural ingredients. The special thing of this product is that it looks like a cream but turns into a water-like consistency when it touches the skin. It contains ingredients like Eau de Raisin, camomile and phenols from grapeseeds. I find this a very funny texture, it does look like a regular white cream, but when you start working it in the skin it turns clear and feels almost gel-like. It doesn’t really feel very heavy, but it feels so nicely hydrated and soft. It also doesn’t feel greasy at all. I’m impressed! The Moisturisng Sorbet comes in a tube with 40 ml of product and is around 21.60 euro.



The Moisturizing Matifying Fluid is really nice for combination skin and skin that tends to get shiny. It’s also mostly made of natural products. The product will repair the moisture levels of the skin and slow down the production of sebum. I am pretty excited about this product because I actually need something that helps with the oiliness of my skin. The texture is like a very light weight gel and also feels very light on the skin. It leaves a silky smooth feeling. Some ingredients are Eau de Raisin, extracts from thee leaves from Java and Vinolevure. It’s also oil-free. It comes in a tube of 40 ml and goes for around 21.60 euro.



All three products have the Bonheur refraîchement parfum, having notes of mandarin blossom, lemon leaves, cucumber fluid and mint. Be sure you smell these products first, because they all contain a fragrance, and although I really love it, it might be not for you. None of them contain SPF so they can be used day and/or night. Overall my first impression is very positive, they used some really nice ingredients in the products. The fragrance however is listed pretty high on the ingredient list. The Vinosource line is launching this month and can be found in some pharmecies like iU.



To celebrate the launch of the Vinosource line, you can get one of the three collector bags when you buy a Vinosource product. This offer stands from March 23 until March 31, so be fast! I really love the design of these, just look at it! I have the one with the Eiffel tower on the background, it’s so pretty!

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  1. Thanks for saying I chat for five people lol

    It was sooo nice finally meeting you in person, and don’t worry because I definitely understood you really well! I’m sure that in no time you’ll get to know a whole bunch of people and you’d feel a lot more relaxed at PR events.

    I don’t know why you said your pictures were bad, because they’re AMAZING! xx

    • I cheated because I left the bad pictures out, hehe :). It was so nice to meet you again, you really seem like an easy going person 🙂

  2. Leuk je te ontmoeten! Was echt een fijne avond! En oh, die Sorbetcrème is héérlijk!!

    • Jaaa, het zijn echt leuke fijne producten! Heel leuk ook om jou te zien, was een beetje erg verlegen, haha 🙂

  3. Zag er uit als een fijne avond! Ik kon er helaas niet bij zijn, had je heel graag willen ontmoeten!

  4. die tassen zijn zo leuk zeg! ♥_♥ hihi, dat heb ik ook altijd als ik nieuwe mensen ontmoet.. Dan weet ik soms gewoon echt niet wat ik moet zeggen >.<

    • Ja echt cute tassen! Haha, goed om te weten dat ik niet alleen ben! Ik weet nooit zo goed wat te zeggen bij nieuwe mensen, aaaaah :p

  5. Ah leuk ^^
    Ik heb zelf ook e.e.a. van Caudalie gehad, erg fijn merk 🙂

  6. Wat leuk dat je andere bloggers hebt leren kennen. Ik vond dat ook altijd leuk en in plaats van heel stil was ik juist heel druk 😉
    Ik ben benieuwd naar de Caudalie producten. Hier verkopen ze het bij de Apotheek, maar heb het verder nooit geprobeerd.

  7. Wat gaaf dat je andere bloggers hebt ontmoet! Ik vind de handbags echt so cute, ik kon het merk trouwens ook niet, maar het klinkt goed. 🙂

  8. Ik kende dit merk niet, lijken me wel erg fijne producten. Die handtassen zijn trouwens super mooi, vooral die rechtse ^^

  9. Supergoed artikel 🙂

  10. Ik ken deze producten (nog) niet maar hoop ze wel te leren kennen. Wat jammer dat ik er niet kon zijn (bronchitis = binnenblijven) dan had ik je ook eens gezien!

  11. Klinkt echt goed! 🙂
    Die tassen zien er idd heel leuk uit!

  12. Wow mooie producten heb een serum ervan en ben daar erg tevreden mee

  13. Leuk dat je meekwam he en ja winkelen met ons is altijd veel uittesten 🙂
    Je krijgt nog kansen genoeg om foto’s te maken van ons, maar neem dan wel onze goeie kant.

  14. ben benieuwd naar de reviews 🙂

  15. Caudalie is een heel fijn merk ! En leuk geschreven over je meet met andere bloggers 🙂

  16. Leuk geschreven Teri! Erg herkenbaar zo, dat stiller zijn als je nieuwe mensen leert kennen…, maar wel erg leuk natuurlijk :D. Merk ziet er overigens goed uit, kende ik ook nog niet.

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