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I’ve only bought a Catrice eyeshadow mono once in a gorgeous colour ‘The Noble Knights’. I generally tend to stay away from mono eyeshadows, because I tend to forget them and I just really prefer palettes over monos. I know you can depot them, but I didn’ have the time to do that kind of stuff yet. If anyone has experience depotting Catrice eyeshadow, feel free to let me know how you did it.

I bought three colours: two from the new colours and one from the old collection. I really love the packaging, they are from sturdy clear plastic and the packaging reminds me  bit of the Shu Uemura packaging.  The design is simple but really sleek and clean looking. One eyeshadow contains 2 gram of product and they go for around 2,50 euro (I’m not sure). Catrice offers a good selection of shades with various finishes.
I m going to review Vanessa’s Paradise, Heidi Plum and Golden Evergreen.


Vanessa’s Paradise



Vanessa’s paradise is a very pretty, medium to dark blue leaning to the teal side. It has very fine silvery glitters in it. The finish is shimmery. Because this colour is very close to teal it’s more of a neutral colour rather than a cool one. I do think that it pulls more blue on cooler complexions and more of a teal on warmer skintones.  The colour is very nicely pigmented and is the longest wearing of the three shades on me because it stains the skin very slightly. To avoid staining use a base or  primer. This colour is part of the updated products of Catrice.


Heidi Plum


Heidi Plum is a gorgeous deep plum colour without glitters or shimmers. The finish is more frosty. The plum is very close to the pink side, so be careful when using this because you don’t want to look like you have a black eye. I find this shade quite neutral. This colour goes on quite smoothly and pigmented, but I do find that it tends to get a bit muddy, so watch out for overblending! It looks quite close to Mac Nocturnelle in the pan, but once swatched you can see clearly the Noctunelle is a bit brighter and more pink then Heidi Plum. Also Heidi Plum is more frosty and even a bit better pigmented! Heidi Plum is part of the ‘older’ products.


From left to right: Mac Nocturnelle, Catrice Heidi Plum


From left to right: Catrice Heidi Plum, Mac Nocturnelle


Golden Evergreen



Golden Evergreen is a medium olive green. When applied it leans to the gold and brown side but you still see the olive colour peeking through. This shade has a frosty finish. I also find this colour is the least pigmented of all three, but it’s still quite pigmented. I love these kind of shades for layering over other colours to create more depth. Some people were wondering if this was a dupe for Mac’s Sumptuous olive. it’s close, but there are differences. Sumpteous Olive is paler and is more golden comparing to Golden Evergreen. It also has a more frosty finish. However, this is quite close to Inglot 433, but the pigmentation of Inglot is far more superior to Golden Evergreen. In the pan, Sumptuous Olive and Golden Evergreen look quite similar while 433 is more warm toned. Of all three shades Inglot 433 is the frostiest and the most pigmented. Golden Evergreen is also part of the updated collection of Catrice.


From left to right: Mac Sumptuous Olive, Cartice Golden Evergreen, Inglot 433


From left to right: Mac Sumptuous Olive, Catrice Golden Evergreen, Inglot 433


Overall I really think Catrice has some very nice shades. Some shades are on the more sheer side, but considering the price for these eyeshadows they are a steal!

The good:

  • Two out of three are really nicely pigmented.
  • The packaging is really nice.
  • You get a lot of product for a great price.

The bad:

  • Some shades are a bit sheer.

You can find Catrice in Kruidvat.

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  1. Golden Evergreen moet ik hebben!

  2. Dat zijn zeker mooie kleurtjes!

  3. Mooie tinten, wat ik altijd leuk vind is dat je ze vergelijkt met de kleuren die erop lijken. :p Het leuke is nog dat er ook echt op elkaar lijken. 🙂 Heidi Plum is mijn favoriet!

  4. golden evergreen is beautiful! i love the effect of it when you blended it on your skin! The olive color is strong! like your blog 😉

    • Thank you! Golden evergreen is a gorgeous colour idd, if you don’t have a olive shade like this, it’s definitely worth checking out!

  5. heide plum is super mooi xxx

  6. Ook ik vind Heidi plum erg mooi

  7. Wauw, wat een mooie kleuren. Vooral Heidi Plum vind ik mooi.

  8. Heidi plum is echt mooi 🙂

  9. Mooie kleurtjes! Heidi Plum doet me denken aan Last Call van Urban Decay. Geweldige naam trouwens Heidi Plum hihi 😉

  10. Wauw, ik ben vooral fan van de goudtinten

  11. Wauw, prachtige nieuwe kleurtjes. Hier word ik hebberig van!
    Golden ervergreen en heidi plum zijn denk ik mooi te combineren.

  12. Ziet er goed uit! Eigenlijk heb ik dat ook wel dat ik regelmatig mijn mono’s vergeet 😀

  13. Vind ze er wel heel erg mooi uitzien.. niet goed voor mijn portomonnee 🙁

  14. Heidi Plum vind ik een erg mooie kleur!

  15. Heidi plum is een erg mooie kleur!

  16. ze zien er erg mooi uit! prachtige kleuren, woow die lijken echt heel veel op elkaar haha

    • Het is vooral handig als je één van de kleuren al hebt, en ook is het altijd fijn om een budget dupe te vinden :).

  17. hele mooie kleurtjes! vooral heidi plum iwl ik nog graag hebben 🙂

  18. The blue and olive ones are pretty!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  19. Thanks for the swatches Teri! I’ve heard many good things about these, but the ones I’ve thought about buying are the colors that I already have (or almost have)! I’ll keep checking though. Maybe one day they’ll come out with something that I want but don’t have yet! The price is GREAT!

    • They have great dupes for a nice price idd :). Personally I do prefer palettes though, monos tend to clutter around here, lol.

  20. Mooie kleuren, vooral die eerste

  21. Hey Teri, Ik vind ook dat Catrice veel van Shu Uemura heeft “afgekeken”. En verpakking vooral, een slimme zet zo blijkt. Spijtig dat alle SHu Uemura stores definitief zijn gesloten in de US (enkel verkrijgbaar in de webshop). Ik heb ook een Catrice mono-eyeshodow in sales gekocht (nog niet geopend, hoop dat die kleuren even goed uitkomen zoals bij u. Gr,Linda

    • Ik ben benieuwd! Sommige zijn wat minder gepigmenteerd en andere zijn juist echt heel fijn! Wat spijtig dat je shu niet meer kunt krijgen in de US, ik heb het nog al gehoord, het is echt een heel mooi merk!

  22. Ik had dat -honestly- echt niet verwacht van Catrice. De blauwe en paarse vind ik echt heel mooi maar paars vind ik echt moeilijk te combineren in make-up.

  23. Ziet er goed uit! Mooi palette 🙂 x

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