chanel camelia de plumes header
This part is all about the face. I can tell you one thing already and that is: shimmer! Pretty shimmer though! I think I don’t have to tell you that the already famous Camelia De Plumes powder is the one thing that you need from this collection! But the blush was another thing that […]  
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chanel oiseaux de nuit header
I hope you are all having a great time this year around. Running from party to party, enjoying it to the fullest! We have quite some options this year when it comes to Holiday collections and I’ve been feasting my eyes on all that beauty. While some collections have more that Christmas vibe, others […]  
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Givenchy Folie De Noirs

givenchy holiday two header
Here is the second part of Givenchy’s Holiday colelction ‘Folie de Noirs‘. If you are a fan of black, you will love this a lot. We see a black base with layers of shimmers. Not just any shimmer though, it’s very beautifully done and there are so many shades that you can see. While […]  
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givenchy le prismissime noirs en folie header
Givenchy did it again with their Holiday collection. It’s one of the heavier looks we’re seeing and that’s all because of the gorgeous gem of an eyeshadow palette. We’re seeing metallic, shimmery finishes and the colour black leads the story in this look. To me this is a perfect look for NYE or for […]  
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femme boulevard dec header
I think this month’s theme is rather interesting because I’m pretty sure we’ll see a whole bunch of favourites. It’s pretty exciting to share with you some of my holy grails! Some of them you might recognise and some are relatively new. So about my most worn look this past year. It was quite […]  
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burberry holiday lips header
And we’re back with part two! This time it’s all about the lips and we’re seeing two shades: gold and oxblood. They both come in two different variations, which makes it fun to play around with. First we have the Lip Mists in both shades and then we have the Lip Glow, also in […]  
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burberry holiday header
Now here’s a brand that deserves a lot more attention in Belgium and on the blog: Burberry! The brand is quite limited to a few stores here, so it’s the main reason why my Burberry collection is still small. My first steps into the make-up line was with the popular eyeshadow Pale Barley. It’s […]  
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dior le vernis golden shock header
The last part that I’m showing you is about the nail polishes in this collection. They come in the Diorific formula which Dior repeated the last few holidays. It’s very fitting though because the little round bottles do remind us strongly of Christmas baubles, right? This collection we’re seeing four shades in the classic […]  
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